Visual Story Telling for Brand Recognition and Brand Recall
Visual story telling for creative marketing campaigns
Video Caddy has established itself as a premier provider of video editing services for clients around the world.
Video Caddy (VCD), being a leading audio, video, storyboarding, and animation service provider, has assisted numerous organizations in presenting their businesses through visual storytelling. Considered as one of the most effective mediums of brand recognition and recall, VCD has seen a massive demand for visual storytelling. Everyone has a story to tell, and our specialist team helps businesses create video ads for their creative marketing campaigns through storytelling.

The truth is that facts are boring without the story to describe them. People can consume visuals much more quickly and with less effort than text, showing why the brand must be preferred.
Visual storytelling marketing is used by businesses to
Visual storytelling marketing is used by businesses to:
Grab their audience’s attention quickly.
Create brand awareness by connecting with an audience on a deeper level.

What Is Visual Storytelling and How Video Caddy Helps

Stories are a timeless way of sharing information that people can connect through. Visual storytelling goes all the way back to those days when people were scribbling their stories onto cave walls. We’re naturally visual learners, so it’s no surprise that most people prefer to learn through videos, graphics, and other compelling visuals.
Video Caddy uses visual storytelling techniques to create an appealing brand message that would leave a lasting impression on buyers. So, starting from furniture retailers to eCommerce portals, event organizers, or real estate firms, VCD helps to create visual content based on the brand’s requirements, industry type, target audience, and product or service mode, etc. So, each of our deliverables involves thorough research and the perfect balance between text and visual storytelling in order to create powerful branding strategies.

Types of Visual Storytelling

There are a number of visual storytelling techniques that Video Caddy uses to effectively communicate your brand’s message.
  • Storyboarding
    Video Caddy can create a detailed look at the overall production of visual content. Think of it like comic book slides that detail the story of a product or service being told.
  • Video Brouchers
    Powerful video brochures have become one of the most impactful ways for brands to communicate with a target audience. Video Caddy specializes in everything from video mailers to video business cards.
  • Animations
    Video Caddy creates visual storytelling that uses animated characters to portray a message. This will pick your audience’s interests and communicates more information than text.
  • GIF’s
    GIFs are another simple yet useful tool that can be used to communicate a particular message. Video Caddy can help you capture the perfect moment for your fans to easily share across social media.

Benefits of Visual Storytelling

People always want to learn more about their favorite brands, so visual storytelling presents an excellent opportunity to pull this off. Video Caddy understands the many benefits that come with visual storytelling. Here are few examples.
Connect Deeper with an Audience
Visuals create a much more compelling story and do it much quicker than text. Additionally, audiences online have short attention spans, so it’s important to create memorable experiences. Visual storytelling draws on the fact that humans are visual learners.
Visuals are Easier to Share with an Audience
Visuals make it easier for your audience to share content across social media & through other sources. For example, Video Caddy has discovered that infographics that reveal vital stats for top brands are more likely to be shared than text revealing the same information. The reason is because an infographic tells a story through visuals on statistics.
Visual Storytelling is More Entertaining
The internet is littered with boring marketing messages, so using visual storytelling is a great way to stand out by being creative & entertaining. People crave stories, but they don’t want to read walls of text. Visual storytelling can communicate the same message but in a far more entertaining way.
Communicate Complex Data
Companies have been using graphs & charts to communicate complex data for a long time because it’s so much easier to communicate visually. Brands can set up creative marketing campaigns by communicating this same complex data through advanced visual storytelling techniques.
Higher Engagement
Visuals are going to get much higher engagement than any other form of media. An audience is more compelled to take action after seeing a powerful story unfold.
Improve Social Media Presence
Visuals are the undisputed king of social media. Videos and images get more shares, likes, and comments than anything else. Create powerful visual stories and communicate them on your favorite social media platforms and watch as they explode.

Create a True Visual Story of Your Concept With Video Caddy

Video Caddy has learned through immense research and experience that visual storytelling isn’t just some new marketing tactic. It’s a time-honored tradition of sharing important information. VCD can help both large and small businesses telling the story of their brands through powerful videos, impressive animations, and eye-popping infographics. To learn more, contact us and avail of expert consultation and a free quote.