Why Outsource Video Editing?

With so many outsourcing services available for video mixing and video conversion, you want to be sure you choose a firm you can trust to get your video editing done right. There are many factors to consider. The quality of the final video, the depth of editing and mixing required, the software tools being used and the speed and accuracy of the team working on you video. If you are eager to outsource video editing, consider the following factors before choosing anyone for your project.

Software Used for Video Editing

While the type of software ultimately used will depend on the format of the original video and the platform on which it must be edited, there are quite a few software solutions available, including:

  • Adobe Premiere (Win/Mac) : Timeline based video editing software popular for feature film, TV and graphic design editing. It is used for both Mac and PC systems.

  • Final Cut Pro (Mac) : Currently developed by Apple, Final Cut Pro is for Mac systems only but provides the same depth as Premiere with many advanced features perfect for hobbyists and independent videographers.

  • Edius Pro (Win) : Windows-based video editing software ideal for 3D editing and including numerous tools like NewBlue filters, ProDad effects and more.

  • Sony Vegas Pro : Popular for its simple interface and multi-track audio and video editing capabilities – very flexible for small and large projects.

  • Avid Media Composer : Available for Mac and Windows machines, Avid is one of the oldest platforms – dating back to 1989 on the Mac II and works just as well for home movies as for feature film production.

Whether on Mac or Windows, the software tools above are considered sufficient for any size and scope of video editing project you need to outsource.

Benefits of Video Editing

Proper video editing does many things. First, it ensures your project is not slowed down because of a lack of internal resources or budget. It also ensures that your final video is of the highest possible quality – whether a recording of your most recent stockholder meeting or a short commercial advertising your newest product. From feature films to wedding videos, video editing is a good investment for scoring, removal of dead-space on the tap and mixing for presentation.

Benefits When You Outsource Video Editing

When you outsource video editing to a professional firm, you stand to gain many benefits, including:

  • Cost : By outsourcing video editing you can cut your costs substantially, often by as much as 60% if you go overseas.

  • Quick Turnaround Time : Turnaround time is sped up dramatically by hiring a team with the technology and experience already available in-house.

  • Latest Software and Technology : A professional video editing team will have the latest software and technology at its disposal, and should be genuine, updated versions.

  • Access to Industry Expert Workforce : A high-quality work force will ensure optimal output for your projects as well as a creative eye for detail that will take it to the next level.

  • No Volume Limit : A good team can scale its efforts as needed to meet whatever volume demands you might have.

  • Editing, Mixing and Enhancements in One Stop : Instead of going to multiple teams or hiring multiple team members in-house, you can choose just one firm that handles all of your video editing, mixing and enhancement needs.

When it comes time to outsource video editing to an offshore partner, keep the factors listed above in mind to ensure you get the best possible fit for your project needs.