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Digital Advertising spending

$49.5 billion In 2014, up 16% YoY

$13.3 billion In Q12015, up 16% YoY

Explainer videos

Till 2012, the term
was non-existent
Today, one of the most popular
keywords in Google Trends

As a percentage
of the total amount
spent on TV ads

Video & Animation Marketing

45.4% Saw at least one online video
every month
100 million Users watch an online video
every day
147 million Americans
watch videos on the internet
Video ads

Video ads Constitute 35% of total
online spending

$5.71 billion Expected video ad
spending by 2015, up from $1.97
136 million Unique viewers on YouTube
every month

75% Watch work-related
videos on business

65% Visit marketer’s
website after
watching a video


86% Colleges & universities are
present on

Video content uploaded in 30 days is more than the total
content created by major
US TV networks in 30 years
1.8 million words Value of a one-minute video
16 minutes Of online video ads watched by
the average user every month
32.3 videos Seen by the average
user every month
75% Online video viewers interact
with video ads
80% Users recall video ads viewed
in the past 30 days
22% Increase in engagement for
full page ads featuring videos
90% Users say watching a product
video helps in decision-making
36% Online consumers
trust video ads
87% Online marketers use
video content
75% Online advertisers prefer
pre-roll ads
65% US marketers plan to increase
mobile ad spending
to include videos

Benefits of video marketing

>70% Internet users watch
online videos
46% Users take some action after
watching a video ad
1.6x Higher likelihood of online
shopping after watching videos

53x Higher chance of
optimized video content
to appear on the first
page on Google

70% Of Google’s
top 100 search
results feature videos

52% Consumers feel more
confident to do online
shopping after watching
product videos

16.8% Average video
view rates
on product pages

17.4% Site-wide video view
rates achieved by top

75% Higher video view rates
on product pages as
compared to the entire

9.6% Visitors clicked “Play”
on E-commerce
with videos

85% Of users are more likely to
purchase after watching
a product explainer video
64% Users are more likely to do
online shopping after
watching a video
45-second whiteboard animation video is much more likely
to be viewed v/s a PowerPoint presentation/interview
300% Increase in click-through rates after including explainer videos in emails
50% Of population will view online videos in 2015

Memory Retention with Video

50% as opposed
to 10% retention
with audio

E-Commerce Videos on Smartphones

E-Commerce Videos

Attention Span

8 seconds
Average attention span
in 2012

Video completion rate for two-
thirds of online shoppers who
saw a video in 2014

Video v/s Text content

2.7 minutes Viewing duration of the average explainer video

Website text Only 28% of the average text shown is read

Success Stories

Explainer Video Animation

Features of Explainer Video Animation

50x More likely to perform better in Google rankings
landing pages
plain text
41% Higher
click-through rate

Every minute

700 videos Shared on
100 hours Of video uploaded on

Future of video marketing. In 3 years

81% Of internet users will use online video
2 billion Users across the globe will access online video services
73% Of all internet traffic will be driven by videos (against 60% at present)
Icons Strip

Internet video to TV

2x growth in 2014

Internet video traffic (2019)

17% projected out of total consumer internet video traffic
50% will be delivered by
72% will cross

content delivery networks

Visual Computing Market

Visual Computing Market
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