Video Caddy’s 360-Degree Real Estate Virtual Tour for Realtors
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Video Caddy's 360-Degree Real Estate Virtual Tour for Realtors

Selling real estate has traditionally relied upon people skills – the one-on-one interaction between the real estate broker and their client. But the advent of new technologies has radically altered the business of real estate, and with the help of Video Caddy, you can enlist high-quality professional help to tap into their potential. Our dedicated team of experienced 360-degree real estate virtual tour experts will let you create stunning presentations for customers possible, practical, and potentially profitable.

Real Estate and Video – a Perfect Match

Real estate firms and agents have wholeheartedly adopted video as a powerful marketing tool. Trying to create your videos can be expensive and involves a steep learning curve. There are three big reasons why video is such an excellent tool in the real estate market, and with the dedicated video team at Video Caddy, you can make them happen.
Videos generate leads
Well-produced videos can attract a range of potential clients – much more than typical print ads.
Videos provide context
Just a few shots of the surrounding neighborhood can let customers get a feel for the advantages of the address you're listing. Add in a drone shot that shows the park across the street, and you're golden.
Videos can promote your brand
High production values combined with a few callouts to the services you provide help position your brand in the market.
Within the category of videos available to the real estate marketer, there are many options. As technology has developed, one type of video is rapidly gaining favor as a tool for the real estate professional – the 360-degree virtual tour.

Three Surefire Formats for a Reality Real 360-degree Virtual Tour

There's no "one size fits all" approach to real estate 360-degree virtual tours. As with any creative medium, the right approach depends on the target customer and the message you're trying to convey. Video Caddy has the expertise and experience to handle real estate video creation – we'll collaborate with you to create the best possible 360-degree virtual reality real estate tour.
The Guided Tour
With this format, you'll take potential customers by the "virtual" hand and walk them through the property, highlighting points of interest along the way with the use of 360-degree views and virtual renderings. This approach can be especially useful in properties that are under construction, allowing you to shepherd your clients through virtual renderings of the property before it has been completed. The advantage of the guided tour is that you have control over the visit's agenda, letting you highlight points of interest in the order you prefer.
The Interactive Virtual Open House
Contrary to the guided tour, with an interactive video you let potential customers take charge of navigating through the virtual landscape with the aid of 3-D viewers and mobile devices. The novelty of this format and the control it affords them will appeal to many customers and can create an exciting buzz about the property you're presenting.
Looking for More? Add Customizable Options
With the use of cutting-edge VR technology, you don't have to limit yourself to one set of options. The ability exists to create virtual "add-ons" that allow your customers to customize rooms by adding extra features or changing décor. This is an especially powerful tool to use when pitching new properties that are still in the process of development.

Three Surefire Formats for a Reality Real 360-degree Virtual Tour

Your project is important. A single big sale can make a huge difference in your company's success. So why rely on freelancers who may be juggling multiple projects to produce the video you need? Our experienced staff lets you concentrate on your specialty while we handle ours. Our robust tech backbone ensures we've got the latest gear and software options ready to work for you. Consider the advantages:
Full-time Professional Video Editors Who Know VR
Video Caddy editors are professionals in their field. They know the ins and outs of this emerging technology and how to make it work for you.
On-demand Customer Service
Video Caddy editors are professionals in their field. They know the ins and outs of this emerging technology and how to make it work for you.
Flexible Pricing Options
Whatever your needs, Video Caddy has a pricing plan that will work for you.
To learn more about our pricing structure and engagement mode, Contact Us today and one of our project managers will take through our processes.

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