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Real Estate Video Editing Styles and Themes
Descriptions are fine, but there's nothing like pictures and videos to present a compelling vision for real estate sales.
To get the maximum value for your money, your real estate videos should match the value of the property. In short, the more expensive the property is, the more elaborative the video should be. Here are three common types of real estate videos, with professional editing tips for each.

Start with the Basics – The Slideshow Real Estate Video

If you examine a collection of real estate videos, you'll quickly note that the most common style of real estate video editing is the slideshow. Slideshows don't require a lot of resources or expertise.
A decent camera and some simple video editing software are all that's needed. Keep these video editing tips in mind when considering or producing slide shows.
  • Shoot wide
    Close-ups and architectural details aren't the points with this video editing style. Give potential customers a chance to imagine the rooms with their décor and furniture.
  • Add simple graphics
    You don't have to do anything elaborative. Some simple title cards with off-the-shelf motion graphics are a great way to introduce each room and other useful information.
  • Include neighborhood context
    Place the home you're presenting in the neighborhood. Few shots of the local area, stores, schools, etc., will add important context to the presentation.

A Deeper Look – The Virtual Tour

A virtual tour real estate video is also a popular choice for video editing styles. Virtual tours focus on presenting a more comprehensive room-by-room look at the property and may employ videos as well as still photography.
It's a somewhat more advanced form of real estate video editing, and when producing one, it's important to keep these points in mind.
  • Use actors for realism
    Putting real people into the rooms and locations of the house adds scale to the surroundings and lets the viewer more easily imagine themselves in the property.
  • Keep it short
    As with most videos, don't go too long. It's wise to stick to a two to three-minute length for your real estate video.
  • Use your toolbox of cinematic effects
    Don't settle for locked down video footage. Incorporate tools like your slider, booms, and drones to get distinctive shots. Pick times of the day when you'll get the most interesting lighting as well.

For the High-end – The Documentary Real Estate Video

Of all the different real estate video editing styles, the documentary real estate video stands out. Documentary videos require either a host or a recorded voice-over and often look at the surrounding area as well as the specific property being sold. They're expensive to produce, so they're best suited for high-end luxury properties.
Keep these video editing tips in mind when producing a documentary style real estate video.
  • Use an engaging on-camera host or voice talent
    A luxury property will have a lot of features to present, so it's important that you engage viewers immediately and hold their attention. An energetic and skilled host is essential.
  • Don't scrimp on the script
    On the same line, you want to ensure that your video flows smoothly from one subject to the next. Spend all the time necessary to create a winning script, and don't try to wing it on the fly.
  • Sell the location
    Customers for luxury homes have a lot of buying options, particularly if they're considering a second home in a vacation spot. Sell the location just as much as the property, and make a compelling case for why they want to buy in your market.

Real Estate Videos Can Make All the Difference

A well-made real estate video can set your property apart from similar homes on the market. Take the time to decide on which of our three approaches is most suitable for your home and use our helpful tips to create a winning video. One final note – don't forget the "call to action." Be sure contact information and links to more information are prominently featured in your video.