360 Degree Interactive Real Estate Virtual Tour Benefits and Pitfalls
360 Degree Interactive Real Estate Virtual Tour Benefits and Pitfalls
The marketing toolkit of real estate brokers has expanded rapidly with the advent of new digital technologies.
Among the most popular of these new technologies is the interactive virtual tour. These 360-degree presentations allow potential customers to examine a variety of properties in depth without leaving home and are a valuable tool in attracting new prospects and presenting options to current clients. The interactive virtual tour has many benefits, but potential pitfalls should also be kept in mind.

Interactive Virtual Tours Are "Cutting Edge"

The real estate market is extremely competitive, and 360-degree virtual tour can be an important foot forward in your marketing program.
  • Benefit – an individualized experience:
    First impressions are always important, particularly when working with clients preparing to make a major investment. By creating virtual tour platforms to present your properties, you signal to them that you have the resources to present them with a wide range of options and services to help them make their decision wisely.
  • A potential pitfall – poorly designed interfaces:
    While the use of innovative technology may impress, a poorly-designed or hard-to-use interactive tour can create feelings of frustration and destroy the credibility you're trying to create. Make sure that you thoroughly test interactive tours for ease of use and fix potential bugs before releasing them to the public.

Interactive Virtual Tours Can Capture Your Audience's Attention

The real estate market is extremely competitive, and 360-degree virtual tour can be an important foot forward in your marketing program.
  • Benefit – an individualized experience
    People enjoy the opportunity to take charge of their own experience when interacting with a 360-degree virtual tour. Even the most astute real estate agent can't predict which features of a property may most intrigue and excite a client. An interactive virtual tour offers prospects to "kick the tires" in their way and on their schedule.
  • A potential pitfall – lack of context
    While users of your interactive tours may enjoy moving throughout the property via a virtual tour; examining architectural details and other features, never forget that there's more to consider when selling a home. Considerations like the neighborhood, property value, and other factors can be a big part of the pitch to sell a home. Make sure to include narration, text overlays, and other features to keep selling the 'big picture.

Interactive Virtual Tours Can Foster the Feeling of Ownership

Experienced real estate professionals agree that the most important step in converting clients is getting them to imagine themselves in the property you're presenting.
Creating virtual tour presentations is an excellent way to move your clients toward that destination.
  • Benefit – freedom to roam virtually and in the imagination:
    Every real estate agent knows the power of the words "imagine yourself." With a virtual tour, clients can travel throughout the 360-degree virtual landscape and place themselves in the position of their choosing – all without scheduling an open house. Creating virtual tour platforms is a powerful way to let clients develop a sense of connection to a property before they've even been there in person.
  • A potential pitfall – losing the narrative thread
    Savvy real estate agents understand how important it is to control the narrative when clients are examining a property. Based on the expressed desires of the clients, they can direct their attention towards features of the property that will reinforce positive impressions and minimize negative thoughts. The depth of information in a well-constructed virtual tour can sometimes result in clients concentrating on small details at the expense of the big picture. Be sure to include lots of information in your tours that will let customers concentrate on the big picture, and not get caught up in small details.

The Benefits Outweigh Potential Pitfalls

The 360-degree virtual tour is a proven and effective way to attract prospects and generate solid leads – much more than traditional text and still images. The interactive virtual tour should be in the toolkit of any real estate agents interested in getting the most benefit from digital marketing techniques. Remember the benefits and keep in mind a few minor potential pitfalls, and you'll be on the road to real estate marketing success. With skilled video editor supported by a research team, Video Caddy always adds marketing value to the production while creating real estate videos. Contact Us today to learn more about our real estate video editing capability at best-in-the-industry price.