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Case Study

Animated Short Film Creation for Switzerland Based Social Activist Group

Our Client - A Highly Motivated Social Service Activist Group

Based in Switzerland, the client is a motivated social service activist group that specializes in non-profit organizations, with specific members playing a role as board members and consultants to numerous social awareness wings.

Driving several successful online awareness campaigns throughout Europe, the work is done in the past and the effort put in by the client, and several other benefactors have created a strong foundation for current and future goals; for example, running similar awareness campaigns in Switzerland as well. The majority of the client's work has been targeted at the youth of their society in an attempt to change mindsets early on and create a more help-oriented future in the coming generations.

Requirements for Short Animation Films

The client approached Video Caddy (VCD) with the prospect of creating an animated film that would serve to promote awareness about the work being done in these areas including challenges faced with alcohol abuse, drug use, and other public health issues.

The assistance of VCD was needed to get this job done, scripts of ideas were presented to us that would need to be translated from French and edited to better reach the intended audience. The client had many different ideas and was looking for end-to-end animation services to draft the best-animated video possible based on the scripts and core ideas.

Challenges Faced by VCD's Animation Team

While working on this project, the team at Video Caddy faced two main challenges:
This was the first time the client has outsourced a project which leads to some communication breakdown problems concerning slowing down the project flow and even extending the scope to accommodate additional requirements.
The second challenge that we faced was the scripts themselves, they were all in French and therefore needed to be translated before any work could be started which also slowed down our initial progress.
However, after having a few meetings with the client, hashing out the procedural issues and sorting out the translations, the team was able to move forward unhindered. The client finalized the presented videos due to our expertise in animation, our professional response and our process in line with the project requirements.

Animation Process We Followed

The team took on this project in a professional manner using our expertise to cater to the clients' needs from step one. The steps that we followed:
Before the project began, our team spent some time discussing the needs of the client, and the kind of animation that would be appropriate. Video Caddy's animation team also had a clear understanding of the different associated costs, and how many animators would be necessary to complete the project to the client's expectations. This helped ensure that the client chose the exact requirements they needed for the project.
The team then walked the client through different animations and options, thus helping create a deeper understanding of what would be required. Once this was understood, the team could find the perfect animation option for the client's vision.
Then starting on the video itself we took special note of the scripts the client had given us to work with and created the animation phase-wise.
After completing each phase of the animation film, we took the client's approval and went on to complete the entire script.
We addressed a few minor changes suggested by the client, and the final video was delivered in time.
Key Project Takeaways
There was a lot of effort from every member of our animation team. The result was that the client also appreciated our efforts as we also met all the delivery milestones. Both the parties were greatly benefitted from the project which included a great project experience for Video Caddy team and a significant cost saving for the client.
We were also able to assist in creating a clearer agenda for the client on this project and the directions that can be taken. Before partnering with us, the client did not yet have a very clear vision of the type of animation they wanted to create. The project completed on a very good note paving the way for future collaboration on similar projects with the client.

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