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ISO Standards

One of the core ways that Video Caddy stands out from its competitors is to adhere strictly to ISO quality standards for all jobs we undertake. We have worked with organizations, businesses and individuals around the globe over the last 10 years.
We handle every project properly and professionally by individuals who are highly skilled and regularly trained to handle all the components involved.
We know how important it is for you to maintain strict quality standards while keeping your costs down and ensurequick turnaround times. We have built these factors into our business through the use of ISO quality standards.

What Are ISO Quality

ISO refers to the International Organization for Standardization. Recognized around the globe as a trusted member of the business community and a vital tool for maintaining routinely recognizable standards of quality, ISO is an important part of how we do business.
Our ISO quality standards include:
5 Hours of Training for Every Staff Member Each Month
An Achievement Rating of 99% or Higher Every Month
Resolution Escalation Performed in 4 Hours or Less
Transparency for All Projects with Error Reports Provided As Needed
Uptime of 99.5% Guaranteed for Technical and Human Resources
ISO guides our business actions and ensures that you always get exactly what you need from the final product we deliver.
We strive to ensure that, at every step of the process, you have a team you can trust to provide high quality services, quick communication and clear ideas of how best to improve ROI for your business through video and audio editing. We strive to both meet and exceed these very standards for every client we work with.
Our ISO Quality Standards Extend to Every Corner of Service
Our guarantee to you is that every employee hired to work on our team and assigned to your projects will be highly skilled and routinely trained, then overseen by a team of quality experts to ensure every component is handled under budget, on time and to the highest level of quality possible.

This guarantee extends to the accuracy of the projects we undertake and our ability to ensure that your projects are always completed and performed to the same standards you would have in-house. We welcome your feedback at all times and work closely on each project to ensure we can quickly integrate that feedback as needed.

Whatever your audio or video editing needs, contact the experts of Video Caddy today and learn why we are such a trusted member of the international business community and one you can lean on for your next project.

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