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Audio editing are powerful tools that help you more accurately envision and outline the exact nature of a film, animated feature, advertisement or production.
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Audio Editing Services

Video Caddy (VCD) is an audio editing company that has extensive experience in editing and post-producing quality audio and video content that you can rely on. Whether it’s a bulk order of corporate audio editing or an ad-hoc project of podcast editing, VCD can meet the best possible quality under your budget.

With an experienced team of editors and access to the latest editing software, VCD is proud to offer a full range of audio editing services designed to match your specific needs. Over the past decade, we have been providing exceptional audio editing and conversion services to professionals, entrepreneurs, and enterprises from various industries around the globe. Be it audio programs, ad jingles, or music mixing, contact us today to learn how our audio editing specialists can help you out.

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Digital Audio Editing Services

We offer a full-range of professional audio editing services that are designed to save you time and money without sacrificing an ounce of quality. If you are searching for digital audio editing services, here are just a few of the many services we offer:

Corporate Audio
Corporate Audio

We improve the corporate audio quality by removing distortions from the recordings of your meetings, case logs, conferences, seminars, training programs, memos, and voicemails.

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Radio Program
Radio Programs

We edit radio programs for traditional AM, FM, and online radio stations and also edit old radio programs with specific words, ad jingles, conversations, music clips, etc.

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Music Editing
Music Editing & Mixing

With cutting-edge editing software and a skilled team of editors, we provide music editing and mixing for studio and solo artists as part of our post-production services.

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Audio Conversion
Audio Conversion

Our audio conversion services can convert audio files between more than 20 formats including WAV, OGG, MP3, MP4, and much more.

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Podcasts Editing
Podcasts Editing

Video Caddy offers comprehensive podcast production and editing services to ensure that your podcast is of professional grade.

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Ad Jingle
Ad Jingle Creation

With a combination of script, voiceovers, music, and audio logos, our editors offer low-cost jingle production for your advertising needs.

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Our goal is to ensure that whatever your audio editing and conversion needs, you have a partner with experience and expertise you can rely on.

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Learn how the Video Caddy wedding video editing team qualitatively and quantitatively reduced the workload of a top-rated US Wedding Video Company.

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Why Outsource Audio Editing to Video Caddy

Audio editing is a time intensive and costly procedure that is often needs on a recurring basis. For this reason alone, you need a company you can trust to handle it quickly and efficiently while remaining under your budget. Video Caddy is that company and here is why:

  • Data Security Procedures

    We maintain strict data security procedures to keep your information safe at all times.

  • Cost Advantage

    You will save money by working with Video Caddy - up to 60% over in-house editing and with volume discounts.

  • Subject expertise

    Our team is highly trained to use only the newest technologies in the field, ensuring high quality production for all of your projects.

  • Quality Standard

    By adhering to ISO quality standards we ensure not only top notch quality but exceptional turnaround time and 99.9% SLA.

  • Customer service

    We offer more than half a decade of experience in this field, the most cutting edge available software such as Adobe Audition and Sound Track Pro and 24/6 customer service for all projects.

  • Upgraded Infrastructure

    Our infrastructure is regularly updated with the newest Mac & PC hardware and software including Adobe Audition and Sound Track Pro, as well as a dedicated 100Mbps connection for quick completion of all projects.

Audio Editing Service Process

  • First

    uploads the audio
    file & brief

  • Second

    The audio file is
    edited accordingly
    & uploaded

  • Third

    Customer reviews the audio file.

  • Fouth

    The file is uploaded for easy download after final changes

Audio Editing Software
We Support

Based on the type of the raw audio clip and editing requirements, Video Caddy suggests the right software. The audio editing team at VCD has the expertise on all the major audio editing software available and used in the industry.

  • Adobe Audition CC

    Adobe Audition CC enable precise audio editing, mixing, and sound effects. It helps us to support Dolby Digital Plus audio and remove unwanted sounds from your main audio efficiently.

  • Soundtrack Pro

    Soundtrack Pro helps us to strike a fine balance between musical and non-musical audio editing needs. We can repair sound problems, add depth to sound effects, and get your work done faster.

Audio Samples


  • Sample 01

    Audio editing

    Click to play audio sample 01

  • Sample 02

    Audio editing

    Click to play audio sample 02

  • Sample 03

    Audio editing

    Click to play audio sample 03

  • Sample 04

    Audio editing

    Click to play audio sample 04

Whatever your audio editing needs, the first thing you should do is contact the creative experts of Video Caddy today and learn more about what we can do for you.

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