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Video Animation are powerful tools that help you more accurately envision and outline the exact nature of a film, animated feature, advertisement or production.
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Animation Service for Businesses

Being originally described as the illusion of motion, animation is one of the most powerful mediums for conveying a message and creating the lasting impression on customers. Over decades of transformation, animation service is not just providing a rapid trail of still images but a complex thought-binding process of coherent pattern to the actions. Video Caddy aids you inthis complex task in the form of its 2D and 3D animation services.

From branding for your business tocorporate video presentation, commercials and feature films, Video Caddy provides comprehensive animation services that can take you a leap forward like never before. Be it character animation, logo animation, or film animation,we have a strong animation team comprising creators, storyboard artists, CAD (computer-aided-design) specialists, script writers, and voiceover artists.

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Animation Services
We Offer

Animation is used in a number of different formats these days, which means you need a team that can match the technology and expertise needed for each of those formats. We do this by providing the following services to each of our clients:

Logo Animation

We will animate your logo or icons that will exactly represent your business helping you carve a business niche.

TV Commercial Animation

Our animators are adept at creating high-quality TV animations and HD 3D TV advertisements.

Flash Animation

Boost your marketing and magnify your campaign with our 3D Flash animation services.

Character Animation

Choose our cost-effective character animation service for your comic strips, videos, or advertisements.

Feature Film Animation

Our cinematic animation teams consistsof art and creative directors to better present your movie ideas.

Titling Animation

Get world-class titling animation services with fonts in 2D-3D that match the purpose of your film.

Product Animation

Our excellent 2D-3D product animation services bring your product to life.

Explainer Video Animation

Our explainer video animations improve your conversion rates and help in capturing leads effectively

Rotoscoping Animation

Our animators go beyond the requirement script and provides more realistic and life-like animation characters.

Whiteboard Animation

We create alluring and descriptive videos with an assurance of faster turnaround to match your budget.

Architectural Animation

We offer quality 3D architectural rendering and 3D modeling services for walkthroughs, and virtual tours in quick turnarounds.

Stop Motion Animation

Our animators are experts in stop motion techniques create designs that align the design element to the aesthetics of your audience group.

Click any of the services above or contact us today to learn more about each of these animation services and what they can offer to your company.

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3D Animation of Engineering Machinery
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3D Animation of Engineering Machinery for Oil and Gas Industry Training Institute

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client testimonials

A growing relationship

We've been working together for close to 3 months now and all seems to be going very well. I can only see this relationship growing over the coming months and as such I think it makes sense for us to look to put a more formal agreement in place.

Vice President,

Audio Production Company, USA

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Why Outsource Animation
Services to Video Caddy?

When you outsource animation services to Video Caddy, you get our guarantee of quality including:

Contact the experts of Video Caddy today to learn more about all of our animation services and how our professional video editors and animation specialists can help you develop and present the perfect animated product.

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  • Technology

    Your business needs better animation, and that comes from better technology. Video Caddy has spared no cost in setting up a world-class animation studio.

  • Work Experience

    Video Caddy has been in the animation business for 14 plus years, enough to build an enviable suite of clients for whom we have created world-class 2D-3D animation.

  • Culturally Aware

    One of the main reasons why animation companies across the globe outsource to us is because we know how to adapt to new cultures.

  • People

    Our greatest asset is our animators, and all of them are well versed with recent animation techniques and technologies.

  • Competitive Rates

    Globally, animation has shifted from broadcasting and theatrical exhibition to web, console, and mobile devices. We have the capability to seamlessly move animation to these formats.

  • Animation and Beyond

    Globally, animation has shifted from broadcasting and theatrical exhibition to web, console, and mobile devices. We have the capability to seamlessly move animation to these formats.

Animation Service Process


    Developing the Storyboard And Script (Scripting Optional)

  • Second

    Defining Shots, Scenes and Sequences (Basic Analytics)

  • Third

    Texting & Lighting Voiceover and Animation Creation

  • Fourth

    Sending the Animations for Approval

  • Fifth

    Ready to Download

  • Sixth

    Implementing Any Further Changes