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Storyboards are powerful tools that help you more accurately envision and outline the exact nature of a film, animated feature, advertisement or production.
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Storyboard Services

Video Caddy’s (VCD) storyboard services have been designed to help directors and cinematographers in visualizing the scenes before shooting. Our creative, as well as detailed storyboards, are not only invaluable in highlighting the potential issues in a script, but also strengthen the vision of the screenplay so they can be fixed before shooting commences.

The experienced artists at VCD develop comprehensive storyboards from detailed or simple scripts and concepts, bringing your stories to life. Skilled in all forms of illustration and leveraging the latest animation technology, our artists produce high-quality interactive or static storyboards to suit your custom requirements.

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Storyboard Services Video Caddy Offers

Experienced storyboard artists at VCD offer a wide range of services to suit the needs of any storytelling or illustration project, with all services customizable as per clients’ requests. Our expert storyboard illustrators offer both interactive and static illustrated storyboards, as well as in-depth character creation services to ensure quality production.

Illustration storyboards

Created for cartoonists, artists, and book illustrators when developing content for illustrated projects, our illustration storyboard services are ideal for larger projects such as comic books or children’s books.

Conceptual storyboard

More finished illustrations in either color or black and white, concept panels are ideal for commercial spots and pitches which require more highly rendered images. Our animators have extensive experience with digital painting, vector and concept art, as well as UI/UX design and Adobe Photoshop to create concept panels that amaze.

Thumbnail storyboard

Storyboards with minimal details are ideal for pitches or for clients looking to save money. Our experienced animators are skilled with sequential drawing for scripts, as well as film layouts and software such as illustrator, and Adobe After Effects to deal with thumbnail storyboard requirements..

eLearning Storyboard

Combining high-quality visuals with informative content, our storyboard artists develop eLearning storyboards for training, self-education, promotion, and addressing painpoints.

Character creation services

Our experienced team carries out extensive research to assist clients in designing characters, helping to standardize appearances, poses, and gestures of animated characters, ideal for video games, cartoons, or 3D animated features.

Animatic storyboard

Animatic storyboards involve editing multiple boards together to create continuity boards, with appropriate sound, timing, and temporary dialogue resulting in a clear animatic move which can be pitched to producers or clients. Our skilled storyboard illustrators are proficient with flash, stop-motion, animation voice-overs, and special effects to deliver the best output.

Traditional storyboard

With a team of extensively experienced copywriters, designers, and art directors to develop unclear ideas into full-blown storyboards, our traditional storyboard services help to save both time and money.

Photomatic Storyboard

Catering to a variety of industries such as education, advertising, and entertainment, etc., Video Caddy provides photomatic storyboards by animating still images to create compelling stories.

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case studies

Animated Storyboard by Video Caddy Helped American Studio in Visualization and Calculated Investment

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client testimonials

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Why You Should Work with Our Storyboarding Team

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  • Easily share your vision

    Visual aids from VCD make it much easier to share your vision with producers, clients, or other stakeholders. With our storyboards, your idea is mapped to the actual presentation in a visually pleasing manner, which makes it easier for people to understand.

  • Simplify production

    Our storyboards include all the shots you will need and how they will be laid out, as well as how visuals will interact with the script, making production much easier.

  • Identify script incongruencies

    Storyboards from VCD allow you to pinpoint any discordant details in your script and fix them before filming begins.

  • Test punchlines and dialogue

    VCD’s storyboarding allows you to test the impact of the interplay between your visuals and dialogue, allowing you to see if it will translate well into a video.

  • Swift turnaround time

    Partnering with Video Caddy means saving time, as projects can be completed while you sleep. All projects are completed well within specified deadlines and with complete accuracy

  • Access to skilled and talented resources

    Our creative professionals are extremely skilled and experienced with the latest software and technology, ensuring you receive the highest-quality service

Storyboard Service Process


    Sending client first draft (hand drawn sketches)


    Getting client approval and implementing changes


    When approved by client we digitalize the storyboard


    The file is uploaded for easy download

Storyboard Artists for Hire

With more than a decade of experience and catering to clients around the world, Video Caddy offers top-quality storyboard services, with skilled scriptwriters, art directors, and artists to help you correctly sequence events, create engaging characters and help bring your scripts to life. Offering industry-leading infrastructure and swift turnaround times, as well as efficient service at affordable prices, reach out to us today to discuss your storyboarding needs.

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