VCD’s Efficient Animation Process
Workmanship and Creativity Across VCD’s Animation Process
Video Caddy (VCD) has perfected a process that transforms the animation development into an art form.
Creating high quality, beautiful animation is a stringent process that requires meticulous visualization, an eye for detail, skill and experience, and the appropriate infrastructure. With a unique touch, Video Caddy's animation team has streamlined and finely honed a bespoke process overtime that allows us to deliver mesmerizing animation videos every time.

Type of Animation and Video Caddy’s Approach

VCD features a specialized animation process for each of the following unique animation categories:
VCD features a specialized animation process for each of the following unique animation categories:
  • VCD refines the 2D animation process, starting with storyboarding and scripting, and adding characters, staging, and composition in a layout. Animation is completed and composited with background layouts, sound and dialogue is added, and everything is then digitized and edited.
  • 3D Animation:
    VCD begins the 3D animation process with concepts and storyboarding, then starts the 3D modeling for characters, products, or architectural designs. Texturing, rigging, and skinning is added, and then animation begins. This is followed by adding lighting effects, sound, rendering, and editing.
  • VCD uses Adobe Animate CC, Explaindio, and VideoScribe to support the whiteboard animation process. A custom script is created, then style and animation theme, followed by storyboard design. Characters, text, and background are incorporated and animation begins, with background and audio effects added before post-production.
  • VCD starts with market research and target audience research, then supports this with storyboarding, scripting, and stylization. Graphics and animation are created, then video editing, background sounds, dialogue, voiceovers, additional effects, and editing.
  • VCD uses 3D animation techniques, relying on Adobe Suite, 3ds Max, and Autodesk, to construct architectural elements. Starting with an animation sequence built around CAD architectural drawings or images, textures and details are added in individual still frames. The frames are stitched together, edited, and optional soundtrack is added for effect.

Our Exhaustive Animation Creation Process

Though each animation category is approached differently, VCD’s general animation framework is comprised of the following animation process steps:
  • Concept
    VCD works closely with our clients to visualize the animation idea, working from their concepts or developing an entirely new one based on brand message and intent.
  • VCD creates a storyboard that acts as a visual representation of the animation flow in a frame-by-frame format. This outlines the animation flow in sequence, including rough guidelines for characters, objects, backgrounds, and dialogue.
  • Script
    Upon approval for the storyboard, VCD prepares an original script that will convey the brand message and resonate with audiences. We ensure information is communicated effectively in a way that will appeal to our client’s target demographics.
  • Character Design
    Distinctive characters are created, capturing the character essence with stylistic choices that align with the overall animation concept and brand. Silhouettes, action lines, postures, and features are carefully created to bring characters to life.
  • Animation processes then take place using appropriate digital software, enhanced by a human touch. Our artists use hand drawing or CGI, sometimes a combination of both, to create and assemble animation design during the production stage.
  • Effects
    Special effects are added, including visual editing, digital stitching, rendering, compositing, background noises, voiceovers, dialogue, music, or soundtracks.
  • Editing
    Animation footage is reviewed and edited, graphics are added, audio effects are modified during the final post-production stages to produce a clean, seamless, professional animation that is ready for publication and distribution.
  • Final Render
    Once you are completely satisfied with your animation, our post production editorial team will ensure industry-standard final render and final deliverables to meet your specific distribution needs.

Video Caddy’s Engagement Model

VCD’s engagement model is built to accommodate a variety of outsourcing animation needs to help clients procure skilled animators in a collaborative approach to project strategy and development:
  • Hourly
    Clients pay an hourly service rate at industry competitive prices based on the amount of working hours required to complete the animation project.
  • Transaction-Based
    Clients pay a fixed price per transaction, an excellent option for fluctuating or inconsistent animation work volumes.
  • Full-time Equivalent
    Clients pay a fixed price per FTE that includes resource time and materials, project complexity, and level of domain expertise. This includes compatibility, ease of implementation, and acceleration of the animation processes on a monthly or multi-month payment rate based on project parameters.
  • Half-FTE
    Clients pay a fixed price per Half-FTE that includes resource time and materials, project complexity, and level of domain expertise, with an engagement model that equals half the time of a standard FTE resource. This includes monthly or multi-month payment rates based on project parameters.

Meticulous Animation Service Process Delivering Spectacular Results

Housed in a modern facility, VCD’s software and hardware infrastructure for video animation enables us to stay ahead of industry innovation and set the pace for quality and creativity. Our curated video animation services, enhanced by a bespoke animation service process, ensures your animation needs will be met with attention to craftsmanship and digital artistry.

Contact VCD today and discover why we’re a leader in video animation services in India, and how we can assist you in creating an appealing animation that delivers your special brand message to your unique audience.