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Articulate 360 for Creating Responsive E-learning Videos
Video Caddy has established itself as a premier provider of video editing services for clients around the world.
From the nuts-and-bolts of post-production cleanup to the big picture of large project editing, we've got the skilled people, dedicated customer support, and technical know-how to take on even the most sophisticated projects. Video Caddy is pleased to expand its range of customer options with Articulate 360, a powerful e-learning authoring tool for creating state-of-the-art responsive e-learning videos.

Articulate 360 is a Complete Package of E-learning authoring Tools

Articulate 360 has put all the tools necessary for creating high-quality, responsive e-learning videos into a comprehensive package of tools. All the resources and apps of Articulate 360 are regularly updated to take advantage of new features and materials and to capture the latest trends in e-learning.

Storyline 360

At the heart of the Articulate, 360-degree platform is Storyline 360. With Storyline 360 we can develop interactive courses that will work on any device, without the necessity of modifying or tweaking the course material.
  • Touchscreen support
    Do you have an industrial process you want to highlight? A look at the grounds of an expensive piece of real estate? Or the preparations for a wedding? These are all great places for video montages – a clever way to compress time and add context to a video.
  • Content Library support and integration
    Storyline integrates smoothly with the Articulate 360 Content Library, providing e-learning creators with a ready supply of e-learning video templates and stock media.
  • Slide templates.
    Storyline 360 accesses an extensive library of slide templates that aid video creation by providing well-designed and flexible templates to build your video courses around.


Within the toolbox of apps provided by Articulate 360, Rise stands out for its modular and flexible approach to building e-learning lessons that look great on every device, no matter the scale or orientation. The rise is built around a library of pre-built blocks that can be customized and combined to create the learning path you want. With each block, we can add your unique text elements, images, multimedia content and more. Rise integrates with the rest of the Articulate 360 family for fully functional e-learning course creation.

Content Library

The success of your e-learning video depends on many factors, one of which is how visually engaging your material is. Articulate 360's Content Library provides access to a massive library of images and professionally developed customizable slide templates.
  • Course Templates
    By using pre-built course templates, creative time spent working on the underlying structure of your e-learning video is minimized. You can get right into the job without being paralyzed by basic decisions.
  • Stock Images
    A picture is worth a thousand words. Use Content Library's extensive library of assets, and you'll have the images you need at your fingertips.
  • Characters
    Content Library contains an extensive library of characters that will add a personal touch to your e-learning video presentation.

Articulate Review

Are you ever frustrated with the slow pace of e-learning creation and review? The Articulate Review feature offers an easy way to collaborate with all the stakeholders involved in the e-learning creation process. No more tangles email threads and project downloads with Articulate Review. It utilizes a simple web app where everyone involved in the project can review materials and provide feedback. Everyone stays in sync, in a dynamic creative process that helps you avoid time-consuming and costly reworks.

Articulate Live

Articulate Live shares the latest in e-learning topics and training with our e-learning video creation team. They'll be up to speed on the latest trends and techniques that will help them collaborate with you on responsive e-learning videos that will engage successfully with your clients.

Articulate 360 and Video Caddy for Dynamic E-learning Videos

The combination of Video Caddy's professional skill set and the cutting-edge creation and feedback tools of Articulate 360 can be a real winner for your firm. Video Caddy offers flexible pricing plans that are geared to your unique requirements. Contact Us today to get started creating responsive e-learning videos that will work for you.