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How to Choose the Right Partner for Audio & Video Editing

There are many factors to consider when choosing a new partner for your video and audio editing needs. Whether outsourcing all of your video/audio needs or augmenting your internal capacity, you want to know that the team you select has extensive experience, proper security procedures in place and the software and tools needed to get the project done right. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you make your decision.

1 - Researching and Shortlisting Your Options

To start, spend some time researching all of your possible options. While you may get lucky and choose the best firm for your needs right away, the odds of finding the right fit increase dramatically if you do your research first.

Do this by reviewing industry publications, reading forums where reviews and discussions are held and by contacting colleagues and fellow executives for referrals based on their experiences. Make a short list of between 3 and 7 options based on these recommendations and your research.

2 - Evaluating Industry Experience

Now, perform a more thorough evaluation of the experience and feedback given to these companies. Start by reviewing the testimonials and case studies published on their website or provided with their marketing materials.

Next, look for specific references. Either ask around for a personal reference or ask the company directly for a reference you can call to verify that the service they claim to provide is accurate. You should also review their portfolio for past work completed.

3 - Use of Genuine, Updated Software

When it comes to video and audio editing, the software used is very important. Ask for verification that the software being used is 100% genuine and that it is kept up to date and that all staff members are trained periodically in the use of the newest versions.

4 - Financial Stability and Cultural Adaptability

While they may not seem immediately related, the financial stability and cultural adaptability of a company speak directly to their business objectives. Are they trying to create a long term relationship that benefits your company or cash in on a quick project?

Check to see how long they have been in business, if they have any cash flow issues and how their staff is paid for their time. Make sure the staff hired and working on your projects is capable of making key adaptations to match the cultural and social tone and voice of your audio and video content.

5 - Check the Delivery Center to Evaluate Infrastructure & Technology

If possible, visit and check the delivery center of your potential partner to ensure they have the infrastructure they claim in place and that the security and technology they use is top notch. You want to know that your work will be protected, the work being done uses top tier technology and that the people doing that work are highly skilled and well treated.

If you cannot visit the center yourself, ask for a video tour or ask to speak with a referral who has visited the delivery center.

Choosing a partner for your audio and video outsourcing needs is a process you should take very seriously. Be sure to match yourself and your company with a team that has a strong track record that you can easily verify. From there, you can be sure the final results will be of the highest possible quality for your projects.