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Video Editing Tips for Creating a Corporate YouTube Channel
If someone came to you and told you that there was a way to reach a potential audience of millions and that it didn't require a big investment of capital and time you'd probably want to know more, wouldn't you?
Well, that way does exist. YouTube supports a massive ecosystem of viewers and businesses, and with a simple, consistent strategy you can tap into it. Let's look into some of the good reasons to get on board.
It's cost-effective
You don't need to spend a lot of money to get started with YouTube. There's no charge for posting, and basic video editing software and equipment isn't prohibitively expensive.
It's easier than you think
Depending on the type of videos you're creating, you may be able to shoot the footage on your smartphone and edit with free software. You'll find plenty of free tutorials available for basic production and editing techniques.
It's an easy way to reach a big audience:
YouTube offers a huge potential audience, and you don't need a large advertising budget to have a shot at it.

Three Types of Videos That Will Pay Off for Your Business

The strategy is king when you're creating a corporate YouTube channel. Without a video strategy on how to create the best return on investment (ROI), you may end up wasting time and resources creating videos that don't work for you. A key part of your strategic vision is deciding what types of videos will work for you.
These three types of videos have a proven track record of creating a positive ROI.
  • Product videos
    Product videos highlight the products (or services) that your company offers. They can range from a simple demonstration of how the product works, or a deep dive into specific features, to a more sales-oriented pitch about the products use and benefits.
  • Testimonial videos
    Got a product that customers love? Feature testimonials from customers describing the benefits of the product. These don't have to be on-camera testimonials – text treatments will suffice. You can also feature your people describing the company culture that sets your business apart from others.
  • Thought leadership videos
    If you have a new and innovative product or service to sell, you may want to frame your videos as "question and answer" sessions that examine the need for your product and how it can benefit users.

Video Editing Tips That Will Benefit Your Corporate YouTube Channel

You may know very little about the video production process or video editing. But that does not matter much! What's important is that you establish a clear direction for what you want from your videos and move on from there.
  • Develop a consistent template for your videos
    Don't try to reinvent the wheel every time you create a new video. For example, if you're making a series of product videos, use the same presenters, set, and format each time. You'll save time scripting and produce each video.
  • Assign production roles
    You may have only a few people working on your video projects, but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't have defined roles for each person involved in video production. You'll find that this will decrease production and editing time.
  • Outsource if necessary
    If you want to try video for a while to see if it works for you, consider outsourcing some of the aspects of production. For example, you can shoot your footage, but hire a freelancer to edit it.
  • Set a schedule and stick to it
    Your customers are more likely to respond positively to your corporate YouTube channel if you produce videos on a consistent basis. Decide ahead of time what you want to create videos for and build a production calendar around them.

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