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Post-Production Tasks We Carry Out at Video Caddy
High-quality video post-production is an expensive
and time-consuming task.
Production companies need to employ large teams of artists and keep up with the changes passed down from the directors and studios. The high costs involved in maintaining productive teams capable of adapting to constant change can be exorbitant. Outsourcing the post-production processes to Video Caddy's dedicated and fully functional team of seasoned professionals reduces the costs and boosts the output quality.

Video Caddy has been providing top quality solutions to companies around the world. Making use of a globally diverse team of specialists enables Video Caddy to occupy a unique position in the market. The core team's experience and collective international cultural knowledge enable outputs of the highest quality on time, every time. Video Caddy makes use of a highly productive process that has become specialized over years of experience to produce the highest quality results. Videographers, filmmakers, and video editing agencies across the globe have come to rely on Virotoscopingdeo Caddy's exceptional approach.

Our Over-all
Post-Production Process

Film post-production commonly takes more time than the shooting of the film. The process can be lengthy, even running for several months from beginning to end. The process includes color correction, editing, and sound engineering. Editing in the television industry includes sound and video editing, special effects, animations, and airing of the finalized material.

Our delivery process is client-oriented and transparent, and we encourage collaboration at any delivery stage.
  • Transparent Preliminary Discussions
    Each project is begun by holding preliminary discussions with each client. This helps Video Caddy's team to build an in-depth understanding of the client's vision and requirements.
  • Editorial Development
    The editorial development process begins with the management of the raw media into the correct order. The editing process involves techniques to reliably select the best shots, smooth cuts and transitions, cropping, trimming, and arranging raw media into the desired sequence. Another important consideration is continuity, ensuring the clarity and consistency that is expected from top-flight specialists in post-production services.
  • Technical Development
    The technical development process is the next step of the process and involves the correction of unwanted or unintentional content. The final product can be perfected by removing or shortening scenes that drag or detract from the story, correcting serious errors and inserting retakes. The overall duration of the clips is adjusted, audio is corrected, and additional graphic elements or special effects are designed and added. Video Caddy also offers more comprehensive advanced options including CGI, sound manipulation, Foley, ADR, scoring, and final mixing of the audio bundle using the best equipment and software.
  • Continuous Opportunities for Client Review
    Video Caddy believes that communication is key, and as such their team remains in contact with each client throughout the lifecycle of the project to ensure that the client's vision matches team's direction. The client's involvement at each stage of the fully transparent process leads to shorter turnaround times, and greater accuracy.
  • Finishing and Mastering
    In the final stages of the project, once the storyline has been edited and the content is finalized, the final production values are added, including quality enhancement and adjusting for the platform the final product is intended for.

    The next step is mastering, which is the process of structuring the entire final package for delivery. Mastering is a tricky process with unexpected challenges. As a result, the final package could include a number of complex variables such as multiple subtitle packages, commentaries, and multiple other possible additions the client may require. Format conversions, subtitling, audio options, and captioning may all be utilized to reach as broad an audience as possible.
  • Output and Delivery
    Once the project has been successfully completed, delivery of the final outputs takes place. The creation of the end product in the form of playable media is handed off to the client and the audience. Outputs can vary from the rendering of DPX images for film printing, outputting high-quality tape formats, DVD development, and web playback optimization.

List of Post Production Tasks Undertaken by Video

Using edit suites including Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro, our expert teams of video editing post production gurus undertake the following tasks:
Non-destructive video editing based on edit decision lists and instructions provided by the client
Adding visual special effects, including large-scale computer-generated imagery (CGI)
Graphic design and execution including 2D and 3D animation, motion graphics, rotoscoping, and compositing
Sound design, including soundtrack and audio editing, voice overs, sound effects, and dubbing
Color correction and similar visual adjustments
Mastering in the form of web-ready file outputs, mobile optimized files, DVD authoring, and compression

Choose Video Caddy

Outsourcing your video post-production editing to Video Caddy is a good way to benefit from the collective knowledge and experience of a highly effective team of industry leading professionals. Video Caddy's unique structure and ability to tailor services to match your budget offers the unique opportunity to save on overhead costs, reduce pressure on your existing teams, and increase the quality of your outputs in one move. Our strict adherence to our highly effective process and our dedication to meeting deadlines results in high-level reliability and transparency at each stage of the process.