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Video Caddy's High-end Video Editing Skillsets to Create High-Quality Videos
Whether you are a freelance filmmaker or professional videographer, a creative media agency, corporate business house, an event planner, or amateur video blogger, in today's fluid marketplace, managing media content creation is crucial. Everyone's situation is different: sometimes, you lack the time or the resources to meet up with the heavy demand that clients place on you, sometimes you lack the skills or expertise necessary to realize your creative or artistic ideas. For all such scenarios of your video creation and editing requirements, Video Caddy offers a numerous video editing services.

With a huge in-house team of skilled video editors, producers, and experienced film directors, Video Caddy is a global leader in video editing, storyboarding, animation, and is a turn-key solution for all of your creative media needs. Our team of experienced high-end media creators has what it takes to turn your media needs into a reality at a competitive cost.

Our team has extensive knowledge of online/offline production workflows and re-conformance of proxy to full resolution footage to meet even the toughest workflow demands. With an experienced team to work on multiple projects at the same time, we are well adapted to managing tight deadlines to ensure final delivery for all of your project needs. In addition to our list of services we also offer high-end editors on a consultant basis who can work with you throughout all stages of your project to ensure the highest quality product from start to finish.

Video Editing Skillsets at Video Caddy

Video Caddy offers highly skilled video editors to work on your editing projects on a full-time basis or ad-hoc project basis. To list a few, our highly experienced team of video editors has the following skill sets:
Over ten years of experience in editorial and post production work.
Years of experience as a director and video editor of a wide range of videos from documentaries to television advertisements (including event videos, corporate videos, promo videos, brand awareness videos, etc.).
Expert in Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Sony Vegas Pro, Pinnacle Studio, and Camtasia Studio, etc.
Expert in Time Lapse, Stop Motion, 360 videos, 360 panoramas, and virtual reality videos.
Expert in 2D/2.5D/3D animation, composition, illustration, etc.
Motion Graphics Designer specialized in producing high impact, visually striking video sequences and animations in a wide variety of styles and formats.
Experienced film editor with expertise in Maxon Cinema 4D, Adobe After Effects, Apple Motion and other similar high-end authoring tools to produce engaging motion graphics for the web and traditional media, including movie trailers, titles, advertisements, infographics, and branding campaign videos.

For Your Filmmaking and Editing Requirements

Video Caddy has a highly experienced team of video directors, editors, and videographers who can realize your ideas. We cater to filmmakers, movie directors, production houses, and professional videographers on some of the most challenging and demanding video projects.
We have the ability to assist your production by re-directing the daunting tasks allowing you to focus on what matters most: realizing the story.

Outsourcing your film re-editing and content creation with Video Caddy is the smart thing to do because it saves you not only time and money but the added stress of handling pre-production and post-production. The result is a professional environment that allows you to focus your time and energy on the elements of the story without having to worry about the rest.

For Your Corporate and Branding Video Editing Requirements

As a corporation, producing consistent and reliable quality media content is paramount for the success of your brand and products. From training videos to promotional videos targeting new perspective clients and businesses, you rely on professional media content to continue business and maintain steady growth for your company.
Finding freelance media producers to consistently create media products is a daunting task, and agency production is often significantly more costly which impacts the number of videos you can produce each year. For this, you need a professional video production company that can consistently produce quality media content at a cost effective rate.

Video Caddy has the expertise and talent to make sure that the job is done right, delivered on time, and at best-in-the-industry pricing. With more than half a decade of experience in corporate video editing, we have highly rated industry professionals with a wide range of services to match your corporate project needs.

For Your Event Video Editing Requirements

Capturing an event, be it a music festival, an industry meeting, a once in a lifetime travel trip, or a wedding, requires not only planning the shots, but a good videographer, right camera, and great editing skills.
Capturing an event, be it a music festival, an industry meeting, a once in a lifetime travel trip, or a wedding, requires not only planning the shots, but a good videographer, right camera, and great editing skills. At Video Caddy, we take the time to personalize each request and deliver high-quality deliverables with a strict adherence to deadlines and turnaround times. Our experienced video editors aim at working with you to create milestone memories that will leave a lasting impression on you and those who attended your event for years to come.

If You Are Looking for an Outsourcing Partner

As a media content producer, managing time and clients are a challenge, and maintaining return clients is essential. Especially in the fluid cycle of dry spells, it is important for your business to maintain status quo.
The problem most media houses face is what to do when your clients provide you with more work than you can handle. For all such outsourcing video editing requirements, Video Caddy's team of agency video and media specialists can help you with a cost and time effective solution that will allow you to meet deadlines without having scale up resources.

Video Caddy can accommodate these additional workload fluxes and can work with your agency to a number of different pricing models that is ad-hoc, or FTE basis depending on your needs allowing your business to maintain a steady rate of production while mitigating unnecessary project related expenses.

Because of our unique position as a global industry leader in video production we are able to offer top-notch services at below market rates. Following an ISO quality standard, industry's best pricing, and strong adherence to data safety, Video Caddy is your one-stop solution to all of your pre-production, production and post-production needs.