Popular Video Editing Terminologies at Video Caddy
Popular Video Editing Terminologies at Video Caddy
Working with an outsourcing studio for your video editing needs is a smart strategy.
You'll avoid the time and expense of creating a team in-house, and you'll have the advantages of ready communications and customer service compared to many freelancers. But one potential stumbling block can be communicating in the language of video, especially if you're not familiar with the field. We've put together a quick list of popular video editing terminologies that will help you communicate more effectively while outsourcing your animation and video editing projects.

Video Editing Terminologies, We Use at Video Caddy

Video editing is a term that can cover a lot of ground, including the actual arrangement of clips to create the video, plus effects that may be added during the video editing process.
We'll start our list with terms you'll often encounter when talking about the former.
  • B-roll
    This is footage that's shot in addition to the main footage. For example, B-roll footage from a wedding might include audience reaction shots or footage of the venue. It's used to add interest and provide context to the main footage.
  • Compositing
    The process of superimposing layers of pictures or video onto each other. Titles superimposed onto video footage is a good example.
  • Montage
    An effective video editing technique where related clips or images are assembled in a sequence. Think of the training sequences in a "Rocky" film, and you see an example of montage.
  • Raw footage
    As the name suggests, the footage captured by your cameras that will be turned into the final product. You'll usually have a great deal more raw footage than the finished video will show.
  • Rendering
    This is the process of taking the edited video and producing it in a usable format. Different formats may be employed depending on the channel used for distribution. For example, a DVD will use a different format than a YouTube video.
  • Voice-over
    Audio from an off-screen presenter or narrator, describing the action. This is recorded separately from the video footage and combined during the video editing process.

Technical Terms Around Transitions

One of the key elements of the editing process is determining what kinds of transitions will be employed to move from one clip to another. These are some of the most common terms for transitions you'll hear discussed by video editors.
  • Crossfade
    A fade-in of one video source as another that fades out at the same time. It's also commonly referred to as "dissolve."
  • Cut
    Unlike a cross-fade, this is a sudden change from one clip to another.
  • Cutaway
    In this editing technique, a shot of something different from the main subject is inserted into video, and then the main subject is returned to.
  • Jump cut
    Sudden, abrupt jump in the action while the focus of the shot stays the same.
  • Wipe
    A moving line or shape reveals the new shot as it moves across the frame. Often used to establish the passage of time or to set a new location.

Common Terms of Editing Effects

Effects are an important part of the video editing process. They're often generically lumped under the term "post-production."
  • Chromakeying
    Also known as green screening. With chromakeying, an image is electronically added to the shot on areas that are color-keyed. A weather map in a news broadcast is an excellent example.
  • Crawl
    A crawl is a set of graphics or text designed to move across the frame while other actions occur. This is often used in commercials or infomercials.
  • Filters/filter effects
    Filters are digital effects used to change the look of the original footage. Colorizing, adding a tint, or using sepia are some examples of filter effects that can be added.
  • Sound effects
    These are special sounds, usually prerecorded, that are added to the video soundtrack to augment or simulate real sounds.

Your Knowledge Helps You Communicate

Video Caddy boasts highly skilled video editors who know how to make the most out of the footage you provide them with. By being familiar with these common video editing terminologies, you'll be better able to let them know exactly what you're looking for with your project. You can count on their years of experience, flexible engagement models and competitive pricing options. Contact Us to find the right editing partner you need for your long-term or ad-hoc video editing projects.