2D Character Animation Project for Video Production Compan
Case Study

Animated Characters to Say It All – Video Caddy Developed 2D Animations for US-based Company

The Client - Reputed Video Production Company

Based in the US and in the video production business for over two decades, the client is a group of professional video production specialists. Their primary service line is focused on creating videos for businesses needing a wider reach and revenue through brand awareness and recall. As video is a highly engaging medium, our video production client undertakes projects aiming to market brands, products, or services through engaging animation. Adopting a system capable of creating powerful and compelling videos has seen them rise to become one of the most popular and trusted animation service providers in the industry.

Requirements for the 2D Character Animation Project

Finding us via an online search, the client reached out to our team at Video Caddy (VCD) with a project from their own client, needing 2D animated characters.

We were required to create animated characters of the client’s CEO and present it with a suitable background and side character to efficiently create a fun yet professional end product. The project design concepts and scripts to our animation team via email.

Challenges Faced During the Course of This Animation Project

In completing this project, we are glad to note that there were no such challenges or difficulties for our team to deal with. We kept an open line of communication with the client at all times, in case any additional information was needed.

Our understanding of the intent and requirements made the whole process smooth for us as well as our client. By adopting a client-minded approach, we were able to visualize the character variations adhering to the script, and the client liked them.

The Character Animation Process We Followed

At Video Caddy, our skill sets, and services are furnished with a well-earned reputation and experience that shows in every detail completed by our team. As this was a new client, we wanted to ensure everything went according to the plan and our output would not only meet all requirements involved but go over and above what was originally expected. We selected a team of three animation specialists to complete the project on time and in detail. Our process was as follows:
We started things off by having a brainstorming session with the client to clarify exactly what was needed of us.
The client sent us the scripts and project concept drafts.
We began by designing and creating the main character according to the details specified by the client.
Thereafter, we created and added in the side character and background. We pulled all of the loose ends together by creating and providing an animation storyboard for the client’s perusal.
Once we received the go-ahead, we started working on the final animation.
Finally, we ran a quality check and sent the finished output back to the client via email.
60% Cost Saving and Quality of the Animation Were the Biggest Project Takeaways
In working on this project, there was no ambiguity from day one. Once the client made the decision to approach us with the requirement, communication began. We provided them with per second costs, which they were comfortable with, and made every effort to ensure each second was well spent.

The final product was quirky yet professional, and it was completed with the utmost skill, with its quality surpassing any expectations the client had. They were immensely impressed with our efforts and the 60% cost saving and have since requested for similar projects to be completed by use.

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