VCD Edited and Enhanced 360-Degree Wedding Video
Case Study

Frame-by-Frame Video Editing by Video Caddy to Create a Movie-like Wedding Video Captured through 360-Degree Camera

About Our Wedding Event Organizer Client

The client is a professional Videographer and Photographer located in Belgium and specializing in organizing special occasions, business and corporate events, and a variety of commercial events. An important wedding video contract necessitated an artistic videography approach with a 360-degree automated camera, mounted on a tripod, to fully capture every memorable scene. The client, therefore, was in need of an outsourcing partner to provide a unique video editing service.

Requirements for 360 Degree Video Editing

The client required the wedding video edited frame-by-frame without losing any important scene of the wedding. Unlike similar video editing techniques, this would require opening up the video frame per frame, editing of the video, and then stitch it back to the 360-degree view. Only a highly experienced and qualified outsourcing agency would be considered for this complex project.

After discovering Video Caddy online and speaking with the sales team, the client assigned this special video editing task to Video Caddy due to the following:
Very few service providers are available in the market to provide this unique editing technique, and Video Caddy had a proven track record of 360-degree video editing.
Ability to deliver the final video edited to the client's exact specifications without sacrificing quality or crucial wedding details.
Ability to accommodate the client's budget and timeline restrictions while still offering the highest quality services.

Editing Challenges Faced by Video Caddy

The Video Caddy team faced a variety of key challenges over the course of this project:
The process of going through every individual video frame to ensure that nothing was overlooked was very time consuming and presented some challenges about the required delivery date.
Selecting the optimal software for opening the 360-degree video and stitching them back together was essential to ensure a quality outcome.

Software Used in Over the Course of this Project


Video Caddy's Customized Wedding Video Editing Approach

This wedding video editing assignment demanded a specialized approach and customized process, combined with the best practices, to ensure success:
The Video Caddy team researched to find the ideal software for editing and discovered that AutoPanoVideoPro was the best option available on the market.
A small, dedicated team was assembled, consisting of highly skilled and experienced editors.
The 360-degree video was opened up, and the Video Caddy team segregated it frame by frame. Unwanted, distracting, or redundant scenes were carefully removed so that a seamless virtual tour of the event resulted.
Video Caddy began working on the color correction, stabilization and added detailing to every frame. Additional aesthetic choices were included, such as tasteful music that was synced with the appropriate corresponding scene.
Natural transitions were added, along with animations and other special effects that enhanced the wedding's tone and atmosphere.
The final video was sent to the client, who was very impressed with the results and timeliness of delivery.

The Final Project Outcome

Video Caddy managed to complete this wedding video to the client's exact specifications, as well as offering additional refinements to further augment the beauty of the video. The results were as follows:
The client offered Video Caddy sincere praise for the additional touches which added an emotional impact to this artistic project.
The entire project was executed successfully from start to finish and completed on time and within the client's budget.
The client was able to deliver the video to the wedding party, who was extremely impressed by the video.
Video Caddy was able to work on a unique project with new, cutting-edge software, and add another happy client to the roster of satisfied customers.

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