Stop Motion Animation Project for a Leading Production House
Case Study

Flawless Stop Motion Animation Project for Polish Visual Animation Studio

The Client - A Popular Visual Animation Studio

Located in Poland, the client is a prominent studio production house comprised of production and commercial enterprises, two sports companies, and two media companies. As one of the biggest puzzle manufacturers in Europe, and a top board game producer in Poland, our client knows the importance of staying ahead of the curve.

For the last decade, they have also been distributing SIKU car models. They are the proud, exclusive distributors of VTech electronic educational toys in Poland. To further cement themselves as leaders in their field, they are forging ahead with distribution companies in Hungary and the Czech Republic.

Requirements for the Stop Motion Post Production Project

After discovering Video Caddy through an online search, the client approached us for assistance with a stop motion post-production project. We were tasked with creating a flawless, smooth, 10-minute stop motion animation in post-production format.

Challenges Tackled by VCD’s Animation Team

This was a problem-free project for our team. With straightforward, transparent expectations from the client and clear communication from our end, we were able to make our way through each step of the project without a single hitch.

A Step-Wise Process for Creating Mesmerizing Animation Videos

Our 5-person team kept the lines of communication open at all times, and followed a detailed, step-wise process to ensure that we delivered this project on time:
The client shared their files with us via Dropbox.
Our first step was to complete a file conversion from CR format to DPX.
Next, we converted still photos to the required movie format.
We carefully and thoroughly completed the dirt removal phase.
The next step in the process was to complete the rotoscoping process.
The second last step was a 10-bit DPX export.
Finally, we sent the completed DPX sequence to the client for approval.
Key Benefits for the Client from This Stop Motion Project
In addition to the pain and problem-free progression of this stop motion project, the client enjoyed 60% in cost savings. Working with us ensured that their project was completed on time and within the desired parameters, without any complicated issues along the way. The client was more than satisfied with the quality of our work and the dedication of our team. As such, we fully expect to work with them on similar projects in the future.

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