3D Animation Project Delivered by Video Caddy
Case Study

Realistic 3D Animations of Complex Processes for Scandinavian Goods Relocation Specialists

The Client - Experienced Goods Relocation Specialists

Based in Netherland, the client is a group of relocation service providers that have been in business for over 50 years. Through in-depth industry experience, they have created client minded moving solutions that include loading and unloading, advising, designing, manufacturing, supporting, installing and servicing.

When moving one’s goods it can be difficult if not impossible task to take on alone, however by providing industrial doors, docking systems, and professional assistance, they have earnt a very prestigious reputation within the industry, and vast popularity for their all-inclusive benefits.

Requirements for the 3D Animation Project

While looking for an outsourcing partner that had expertise in new product development and could assist with their needs, the client reached out to our team at Video Caddy (VCD) with a project concerning certain logistics and 3D animation services.

Working from a series of videos, operation details, and technical sketches that were shared with us, we needed to create five 2-minute HD videos covering the process of how their services work. The video content was to include their equipment, how they transport the goods, the environment of their company, and how the truck is loaded and unloaded.

Along with a received script and voice over, we were tasked with creating high quality and industry-appropriate visual walkthrough for informational and promotional purposes.

Challenges Tackled by Our Animation Team

In assisting with this task, the main challenges our team faced were due to the short amount of time we had to work with and a large amount of company information we needed to include in the comparatively short videos. We were required to go through the provided video content frame-by-frame and include as much detail into the final products as possible.

To deal with these challenges and ensure our end product was up to scratch, we assigned our most experienced animation specialists to the task and broke the sections up in pairs of two; effectively completing twice as much work in the same period.

Video Caddy Adopting a Step-Wise Process

Understanding and respecting the importance of a client-minded approach, we worked diligently to ensure this work ethic was reflected in the client’s final video. We assigned five resources working over a time of 15 working days, using a combination of 3ds Max and Maya, to follow these steps:
We began the procedure by attending a project planning meeting with the client to discuss the desired goal and how best to reach it.
After the client sent us the video footage and drawings, we created a project storyboard to showcase how we planned to complete each step.
We also created a concept model and sent these drafts to the client for a mid-project review.
When the client had approved our concept ideas, we began working on the first draft of the video series.
These were sent to our QC and the client for viewing and consent.
Finally, we created the finished process videos as per the client’s original requests.
Project Benefit - 60% Cost Saving and All
Timelines Met for the Project
In the spirit of providing a service that assists and enriches, our team at Video Caddy utilized all of our industry knowledge and animation expertise to provide the client with the end products they required.

Our customized project parameters allowed for 60% in savings and, despite the time pressures, we completed on time and in a professional fashion. The client was immensely pleased with our work and has since requested for more projects to be completed by us.

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