Case Study

Audio Editing of 8400 Clinical Files for Leading Digital Speech Therapy Specialist

The Client –Digital Speech Therapy Provider

Founded in 2011, the client’s business uses the latest mobile and speech pattern technologies to provide customers with more convenient methods of speech therapy. The client has already scored both CE marks and FDA clearance for its innovative digital products, and they also have a provisional U.S. patent. They are also on their way to becoming the first company to receive regulatory approval as a digital therapeutic speech therapy expert.

Their mission encompasses the overall vision of providing children with access to high quality and engaging speech therapy with zero barriers. There have been so many children denied speech therapy because of costs or logistical difficulties, which is what inspired the client to develop their revolutionary, fully digital therapeutic approach. They are now in a position to serve everyone, regardless of where they live. More children will have access to speech therapy.

Audio File Segregation and Audio Editing Requirements

The client is taking on the enormous task of becoming the first regulatory approved digital speech therapist, so they needed to shift some of their internal resources away from the tedious audio segregation tasks. As a result, they began their search for a reliable outsourcing partner and eventually found Video Caddy (VCD). They then presented the following requirements:

  • Audio files needed to have all background noise removed and the audio balanced.
  • Audio also needed frequency equalization, but this was mostly for interview audio clips.
  • Eight thousand four hundred audio files needed to be edited within eight business days.
  • All editing had to be done manually to ensure 100% accuracy.

Challenges Faced by the Teams at VCD

The short timeframe of 8 business days to edit 8400 audio files was a rather large hurdle to overcome, so we needed to streamline the process in a way that was as efficient as possible.

There was also another specification that was required. No use of audio filters was allowed, meaning that each file had to be manually edited so that it was guaranteed to be 100% accurate.

Video Caddy Developed a Unique Step-by-Step Process to Address These Challenges

One of the best ways to approach a new project, especially one with challenges like this one, is to streamline an approach to make the process as efficient as possible. VDC developed this unique, fully customized approach to this audio file segregation project.

  • After receiving the initial information, VCD had an in-depth discussion with the client, where we proposed this play of action.
  • VCD assigned a team of 4 experienced audio editors to meet the demands of this massive project.
  • Our team received the audio files from the client.
  • Editors used Adobe Audition to balance the audio for each file. They removed background noise and performed frequency equalization.
  • Audio files were sent to the client for approval.

The Client Walked Away with Some Amazing Benefits

Due to the professional and detailed approach to this project, the client walked away with a number of amazing benefits. In fact, we ended up finishing the project three days sooner than required!

  • They were able to focus their internal teams on devoting time into preparations to receive regulatory approval as a digital therapeutic speech therapy expert.
  • By hiring a top tier video and audio editing service provider like Video Caddy, they were able to rest assured that their audio editing requirements were met with exceptional quality.
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