Video Caddy Helped a Film Studio in Animated Storyboarding
Case Study

Animated Storyboard by Video Caddy Helped American Studio in Visualization and Calculated Investment

Client Profile

The client is an established video production studio in the fast-paced American entertainment industry who specializes in creating a range of visual styles, including films, documentaries, and commercial videos. Based in the United States, the client is well positioned to advance in their field and keeps getting fresh ideas or scripts for video production. However, to visualize the characters in the script and decide on the investment part before production, the client required third-party assistance on storyboarding of the original script.

Client Requirements

With an original script ready to be actualized, the client wanted to transform the written piece into a storyboard. However, the client only wanted to partner with a very experienced outsourcing team who could provide a particular skill set that would effectively bring the script to life.

After discussing the project with the Sales Team at Video Caddy, the client was impressed with the available skilled resources and expertise. Also, the US-based client extended the initial requirement to include an animated film based on the themes and characters in the script and storyboard.

Following are the criteria that the client wanted in an outsourcing partner to handle its high-value project:
An experienced team to understand the manuscript and visualize the characters in line with real-life.
High-end animation skills to develop an animated storyboard that would breathe life into the characters featured in the client's script.
Capability to complete the storyboard within the client's preferred schedule incorporating the minute details in the script and the change requests suggested by the client.
Ability to create a high-quality animated film adhering to the client's artistic vision and estimated budget.

Challenges Faced by Video Caddy

During this storyboard and animation project, the team at Video Caddy faced the following challenges:
A very tight deadline that was further complicated by the complexity of the client's script. The Video Caddy team only had a brief amount of time to become thoroughly acquainted with the script and develop a storyboard.
Incorporating the client's feedback and approval into the storyboarding process while meeting the tight deadline.
Creating a highly elaborate storyboard built around the client's meticulously written script, which the client wanted to be represented in the storyboard in exact detail.
Designing and completing a high-quality short animated film that would depict the storyboard's characters in a manner that appropriately mimicked real-life situations.

Solutions Provided by Video Caddy

To successfully overcome the various project challenges, Video Caddy's team took the following steps:
Video Caddy assigned dedicated, experienced resources to handle this project and act as liaison to the client.
To ensure deadlines to be met, the team intelligently planned and executed all the tasks in parallel, including conceptualization of the script, characters design, frame-wise design, QC, and storyboard detailing and production.
The storyboard was then sent to the client for evaluation and feedback.
After two consultations with the client for feedback exchange and project development review, the storyboard was approved, and the project moved to the production phase of animation.
Over the course of one month, the project was completed in full, from initial storyboarding to final animated film.

Exceptional Step Taken by Video Caddy to Meet the Client's Requirements

In order to complete the project by the client's standards and itinerary, the team's Senior Management planned a calendar of project hours before beginning the assignment. This enabled the team to adhere to a productive schedule while meeting all timelines.

Hardware/Software Used During This Project

Completing this animated project required the utilization of specialized software, including Flash and Illustrator.

The Results

The extra measures and exceptional performance provided by Video Caddy's team during this project resulted in the following:
The client received an accurate depiction of the original script, including a beautifully rendered and improved version of the script's themes and characters.
A high-quality well produced animation of the script that awarded the client with the opportunity to justify the effectiveness of the script before its group of investors resulting in a calculated investment plan for the client.
Video Caddy was able to add another achievement to its existing success stories and received a high degree of appreciation from the client.
Based on this project, Video Caddy was able to further refine its current task assignment and handover process for such time-sensitive projects, removing even the remotely possible chances of project downtime.
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