VCD Helped US Firm in Developing Corporate Documentary Video
Case Study

As Part of Their Branding Campaign, American Firm Partnered with VCD for High-quality Industry Event Videos

Client Profile

The client is a well-established, highly regarded corporate firm in the US with a significant market presence. Looking to document an important four-day corporate event with a large number of attendees, the client needed a series of videos that would capture various portions of the event.

Client’s Requirements

The entire four-day corporate event was documented, resulting in over fifty hours of footage. The client needed the disorganized footage professionally compiled and edited, and comprehensively segmented into four separate videos:
Highlight video
Nightlife video
Interview video
Needing to ensure that the resulting videos would have a high-quality, polished effect, the client wanted to partner with an outsourcing agency who could deliver the required videos with a corporate touch. After consulting with Video Caddy (VCD), the client moved forward with the project due to the following reasons:
VCD's experience in editing and working with films that have a professional, business related theme.
Ability to design the videos with a corporate tint to ensure an elevated quality and prevent the final edits from looking amateur.
Ability to work around a very tight schedule and produce the final videos within the requested time frame.

Challenges Faced by Video Caddy

For a labor intensive editing project of this nature, VCD had to overcome a few challenges during the venture:
The original footage was excessively long and required numerous cuts and rendering that increased the anticipated time of the editing process.
The VCD team had to examine the footage to ensure the quality and resolution was acceptable for a corporate level video.

Exceptional Steps Taken by VCD to Ensure the Project Met All Client Requirements

The length of the original raw footage and the existing unrefined quality of the resolution were both major challenges. After conducting a risk analysis, the VCD team took the following action:
For time efficiency and preparation, the team created a detailed, task-wise plan of action that was designed for each work day.
VCD trained a backup resource to be equipped to step in and handle the project in the potential absence of a dedicated team resource, thus ensuring the project would not be stalled.
The team executed detailed documentation of the tasks for seamless communication across the dedicated resources.
A peer review of the final four videos was done to further ensure that the quality of the final output was of the highest caliber.

Software Used

Adobe Premiere Pro

Solutions Presented by VCD

The team at VCD had to develop a personalized process when approaching this project to guarantee that all challenges could be dealt with successfully:
VCD assigned four dedicated resources to manage this project exclusively.
To ensure that there was a cohesive, time efficient process throughout the project duration, the team initiated a tailored approach:
  • The first resource watched the raw video footage and segregated the interview portions before passing on the remaining raw footage to the next resource.
  • The next resource extracted the various elements and sectioned them into cohesive portions that matched the four different video themes.
  • This was then passed on to the two other resources for further editing and refinement.
Each resource focused on each video output category for time effectiveness and quality assurance.
The entire project took a total of twenty days to complete without any necessary reworking.
VCD delivered four videos total, all averaging one hour: a documentary video, a nightlife video, an interview video, and a highlight video.

The Results

VCD was able to complete this corporate event film project with all possible professional touches that would facilitate a successful final output, the highlights of which being:
The four videos were completed within the short timeline and delivered to the client on schedule.
The client received the high-quality final videos and was extremely satisfied with the results, requiring no further reworking from VCD.
VCD was able to add another unique success story to its roster.

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