VCD Provided Animated Walkthrough Video of a Car Dealership
Case Study

US Car Dealer Outsourced Animated Walk-Through Video to VCD and Received Artistic and Accurate Visualization

About the Client – Reputed Car Dealer

The client is a reputed car dealer and service center based in the U.S., with a history of offering fair prices and honest assessments to their loyal clientele. Wanting to stand out from their competitors, the client wanted to create a walk-through video of their dealership in the form of artistic animation.

Animated Walkthrough Video Requirement

With a modern facility and welcoming grounds to highlight, the client required 3D modeling and an accompanying walkthrough video of the entire grounds and dealership property. In addition to the technical components, the client wanted an artistic touch to enhance the visualization. The client needed a highly experienced outsourcing partner with proven expertise in 3D modeling and an innovative approach to artistic elements.

After reaching out to the VideoCaddy (VCD) sales team and discussing the project overview, the client decided to contract VCD's services due to the following:
Ability to complete the project within the expected deadline, including any and all potential requests for modifications.
Ability to develop a walk-through video that can accurately and creatively highlight the main features of the desired environment.
Capable of working with minimal input provided by the client in the form of snippets of images and aerial drone footage of the various sections of the car dealership.

Challenges We Overcome

The VCD team faced a variety of challenges unique to this 3D Modeling and walk-through video of the client's car dealership and service center:
Images provided by the client included the other buildings around the dealership's area. Thus the stitching process required recreation of those images.
The majority of the video footage and images were captured by drones, so the ICW team had to take additional time selecting the right images and video snippets in the right sequence to achieve a seamless visualization.
The client's required deadline was very short and demanded a quick turnaround time for all deliverables.

Software the Team Used

After Effects

VCD's Customized Process Flow for this Project

VCD wanted to ensure a successful approach to this assignment, and developed a wholly customized process that would factor in all challenges:
An initial consultation was organized by the VCD sales team and business development managers to discuss project elements with the client and promote a high level of mutual clarity for all requirements.
Three experienced and skilled resources were assigned to work exclusively on this project and facilitate all communication between VCD and the client.
The VCD team began by creating a detailed and accurate 3D model of the dealership.
A model and walk-through video were created by carefully stitching together the drone footage and images in a sequence that best encapsulated the client's artistic vision.
Next, a creation of the surrounding landscape and other images were compiled and prepared to be stitched into the main walk-through video.
The VCD team then adopted an artistic approach to the animation process, ensuring that the stitched drone videos would not be identified by viewers. Furthermore, the original and artificial components would remain one seamless, streamlined sequence undifferentiated from one another.
The abovementioned challenges were addressed according to VCD's previous experience with similar projects, under the guidance and visualization expertise of our senior level animators.

What Was the Client's Reaction?

The first reaction of the client after they saw the walkthrough video was simply great. The entire 3D Modeling and Walk-Through project was completed on time, and within budget, and the following results occurred:
The client received all deliverables exactly as requested and offered praise to VCD's animation team for their artistic and professional approach to the visualization.
As the client felt the 3D Modeling and Walk-Through video effectively captured the dealership, including all surrounding areas and grounds in a sequence that best suited the client's needs, no further modifications or edits were required.
VCD was pleased to accept additional service requests from the client and established long-term contracts with a highly satisfied client.
References are provided on request

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