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3D Character Modeling and Rigging for American Design Studio

Our Client – Renowned American Design Studio

The client is a leading design studio based in California. With a specialization in 3D graphics design and visual art, the client provides high-end animated videos, walkthroughs, and architectural visualizations. Having worked with independent architects to contractors, realtors, and construction companies across the world, our client has delivered numerous 3D modeling and animation projects. With years of experience, high-end creative skills, and visualization acumen, the client has a reputation in the real estate industry.

Requirements – 3D Character Modeling and Rigging for Animated Video

The client was working on a high-value animation project for which they wanted 3D character animation and rigging. The client found Video Caddy (VCD) on the web and contacted us for the project after learning about our video editing, storyboarding , and animation service range.

The client wanted our animators to model six different characters from the core sketches of the characters and the details of the character’s age, ethnicity, mood, as well as other descriptions. The client also wanted us to rig the characters and add textures and movements, which would help them to create the final animation video.

Challenges Faced by the Video Caddy Animation Team

The initial challenge before our animation team was to get the perspective of the client to develop the character models. This initial step involved several rounds of feedback exchange, after which the team was able to develop the rest of the character models as the client wanted.

3D Character Modeling and Animation Process Followed for This Project

As part of our character animation service, to deliver character models with rigging as required by the client, VCD’s team planned and followed the below process:
To work on the six characters, VCD formed a team of 2 3D modelers, one rigging artist, and one texture artist.
We received the sketches (T-poses), texture details, and character descriptions from the client and used 3dsMax for modeling.
After each model, they were sent to the client for review of the expression and other details of the character, such as the eye tone, facial expressions, hair color, etc.
After the client’s approval of the character model, we used the Maya software to do the rigging.
Then the texture artist added the texture details to complete the model.
After a final round of internal QC and touchups, the final 3D character model and rigging files were sent to the client.
Beautifully Rigged 3D Character Models Following the Client’s Instructions
Though no specific timeline was set by the client, our team at VCD proactively planned the project and delivered monthly two completed character models. Apart from our transparent communication and proactive approach, the quality of the 3D character models and rigging were the true takeaways for the client.

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