A Case Study on Animation for Recruitment Portal
Case Study

Video Caddy's Animation to Help an Online Recruitment Portal Demonstrate Employment Services to Employers and Job Seekers

Client Profile

The client is a leading online recruitment portal based in Dubai. With more than 10 years of experience serving 5 million users from different professions and industrial sectors in the Middle East, the client's recruitment portal operates as a primary talent source for 6,000 recruitment agencies and employers.

Client Requirements

In addition to seeking an outsourcing partner that could employ animation services to showcase their employment services, the client sought to benefit both employers and prospective employees. Of equal importance, the client required high-quality trial output and cost-effective pricing with a fast turnaround time.

Video Caddy Challenges

This project involved three special challenges for the Video Caddy team:
Email Communication Only — The client insisted on communicating via email and only rarely with phone calls. Since email correspondence proved to be incomplete, one immediate result was lack of clarity.
Minimum Creative Information and Guidance — Only limited guidance was initially provided regarding such details as animated ad sizes or advertising themes.
Post-Delivery Project Amendments — With limited communication and creative guidance, difficulties in meeting client expectations were potentially inevitable. As a result, the client requested multiple amendments to animated clips.

The Video Caddy Solution

During the entire course of the project, Video Caddy adopted the use of Anime Studio software for development of animation clips — this is proprietary vector-based 2D animation software. Faced with several unique challenges noted above, Video Caddy employed the following steps in their solution:
Video Caddy immediately recognized the difficulties imposed by limited creative guidance and communication — and we assigned our best creative animators to the project. This was designed to enhance both quality and project delivery times.
Before final delivery, the Video Caddy team provided an expanded executive summary of the proposed final product. This included a discussion of advertising themes and how animation would be used to illustrate employment services. Video Caddy explained how the final animation clips would benefit all parties — the client, employers and job seekers. This provided a framework that facilitated necessary feedback from the client regarding suggestions for desired changes.


How did everything work out? Here are the four primary outcomes:
An exceptional and high-quality animation was delivered to the client.
The final product met 100 percent of the client's expectations.
After being impressed by the flexibility and creativity of the Video Caddy team, the client reports their intent to continue working with Video Caddy in the future.
The client reduced animation costs by 50 percent due to their decision to outsource to Video Caddy.
Video Caddy offers range of animation services to marketers, business owners, creative studios and more! Visit this page to know more about our animation support. References are provided on request

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