Character Animation and Storyboarding Project for Film Studio
Case Study

Breathing Life into Characters through Character Animation and Storyboarding

The Client - A Well-established Independent Movie Studio

Based in Los Angeles, USA, and founded in the late 1990s, our client is an independent film studio with a proud history of creating top-quality videos across several genres. For over two decades, they have been developing videos in various styles (1080, 4k, 3D, or 4D) for businesses in different industries. Their ability to work within such broad parameters and to showcase a wide range of videography skills makes them one of the most highly sought-after film movie studios in the industry.

Requirements for the Character Animation and Storyboarding Project

After finding us through a Google search online, the client requested our assistance with character video animation. We needed to expertly animate two unique characters based on a script sent to us by the client via email. We were tasked with completing two videos within one month. Each video would need to be only 3 minutes long.

Challenges Tackled by Our Animation Team

We were pleased with the smooth, problem-free progression with this project. We handled each step of the process with care, ensuring to maintain open and honest channels of communication throughout. We discussed each step in the project in minute detail, ensuring that we could continue as planned without any hindrance.

How the VCD Team Created the Animations

Our team of three followed a detailed, step-wise process, from receiving the initial requirement to delivery:
The client sent us the script and voiceover for the videos via email.
Our official first step in the developmental phase was to spend some time defining and creating each character’s unique traits.
Once we finalized the characters, we began the storyboarding process, which detailed the progression, storyline, and overall idea behind the videos.
Next, we proceeded with the animatics portion of the project in which the storyboard is played as a single, smooth video without the final detailing.
Once approved by the client, we began the detailing process by adding colors, compositing, and various other fine details.
The final step in the process was to complete the flawless animation for a smooth and entertaining MP4 viewing experience.
Key Takeaways - 70% Cost-Benefit and 100% Satisfaction
The seamless progression of this project made the experience profitable for the client and enjoyable for our animation team. We gave our all with this particular project - focusing on providing the best possible service in terms of quality, dedication, and communication.

The client saved 70% in costs and much faster turnaround time than they would have experienced elsewhere. We fully expect - and look forward to - working on similar projects with them in the future.

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