Case study on Video QC Support For Social Media Growth Firm
Case Study

Social Media Growth Agency Generates 8000 Optimized Videos in 6 Months With VCD’s Video QC Support

The Client- Social Media Growth Agency

The client is a social media growth agency that uses AI technology and data to help individual video creators and brands to enhance their social media community and reach.
With over 1,000 employees worldwide, the client’s proprietary systems, first-party data, and platform optimization tools have helped the world’s most influential content creators to expand their reach significantly.

The Requirement- Quality Check Support and YouTube Video Editing

The client required an experienced team of video editors to handle the proofing aspect of their videos and optimization, following social media guidelines to ensure hassle-free publishing on platforms like YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitch, Facebook, etc.

The client provided video clips from their clientele along with the social media guidelines. They required quality-checked videos with marking for easy sorting into those not social media compliant and those ready for publishing.

The Project Execution

To ensure adherence to the timeline and quality checks implied by the client, the project execution involved the following steps:
Received input from the client in the form of video clips and social media guidelines for proofing and optimization as per social media publishing norms
Assigned a team of three dedicated video editing professionals
The team reviewed the given videos and social media publishing constraints to understand the expected output quality
Conducted proofing, YouTube video editing, and optimization in adherence to social media publishing norms.
Quality-checked videos and YouTube video edits delivered well within the timeline.

The Project Outcome

The client received quality-checked videos and video edits optimized for social media publishing. This enabled the client to publish the videos on various social media platforms without employing resources in-house or investing in any infrastructure.
This project helped the Video Caddy team get acquainted with social media publishing norms and guidelines, adding to knowledge and experience.
Video Caddy has dedicated teams of professional video editors that handle large volumes of video editing cost-efficiently, making it an optimal solution for social media creators to enhance their presence.
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