Case Study

Medically Accurate 3D Animated Cell Structures for Swedish Medical Research Firm

Our Client – Swedish Medical Research Company

The client is a Swedish Medical Research Company whose core model involves promoting all levels of life improvement. Featuring life science products that are driven by knowledge and financial capabilities, the client is positioned to help with the development of challenged communities. Their innovative business approach to leveraging resources has resulted in a high-engagement process of creating positive social impact.

Requirements – 3D Animation of Medical Cell Structure

The client created a highly technical and complex script on medical cell structure that required the following:

  • Model the cells
  • Create a flowing animated video with realistic touch yet has scientific accuracy
  • Voice-over and the final compiled 90-second video.

Wanting to ensure that the core message of the script could be effectively communicated in an aesthetically pleasing manner, the client was looking to partner with a reputable outsourcing firm who could efficiently manage this type of creative content.

After learning of Video Caddy's (VCD) reputation as a creative leader in developing professional video content, the client contracted VCD's services due to the following:

  • Extensive experience working on similar projects of a technical, scientific nature.
  • Ability to devote the necessary number of skilled resources towards effectively capturing the client's vision and objectives.
  • Ability to complete the entire video within the client's short deadline, without going over budget.
  • Capacity to bring an appropriate artistic element to the visual components of the video.

Challenges Faced by VCD

The VCD team faced a few key challenges while working on this complicated medical based video project:

  • The VCD had to perform additional research before embarking on this project to supplement their knowledge level of certain medical terminologies.
  • Modeling cells proved to be particularly difficult due to the accuracy required for something of this scientific nature.
  • All modeling had to be in line with the script, which demanded careful coordination.

VCD's Customized Approach to the Project

VCD wanted to ensure that this video project could be completed to the highest quality standards while intelligently incorporating the client's script. Therefore a customized approach was developed:

  • VCD initiated a preliminary discussion with the client to go over the project details and ensure that all parties fully understood the requirements from both ends.
  • The client provided input in the form of a technical script detailing medical cell structures.
  • The VCD team prepared meticulous sketches based on the initial script in preparation for a 10 second paid trial.
  • The sketches were delivered to the client for approval, and after receiving feedback, the VCD team made some minor modifications.
  • The models of the cells were then created using 3ds Max, all based on the storyboard sketches to stay in line with the client's script.
  • VCD then rendered the models as a full-length video, completing the final animation components utilizing Adobe After Effects and Maya Dynamics.
  • The client provided the required voice-overs, and VCD began the syncing process to align the voice-over with the precise moments in the video timeline, creating a seamless video flow.
  • The final output was rendered, and the completed 90-second video was delivered to the client on time.

Benefits – 90-Minute Medical Animation Video in 3200 Work Hours

VCD completed this scientifically based project successfully, and was able to deliver an artistic and accurate video to the client, along with the following results:

  • Due to VCD finishing the project in a 30-day period, devoting 3200 work hours in the process, the client offered praise and an additional assignment.
  • The client was impressed with the quality of the video, which exceeded their expectations.

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