3D Animation of Engineering Equipment by Video Caddy
Case Study

3D Animation of Industry Equipment for Virtual Reality Training and Visualization

Our Client - Oil and Gas Industry Training Institution

Our client is focused on providing a range of education and training solutions for professionals in the oil and gas industry. The company offers a variety of courses and learning tools for trainees in well-known petroleum firms. Furthermore, our client connects the learning process to the workplace, offering employers the opportunity to manage the training of employees to ensure appropriate levels of skill and knowledge across the board.

In operation since 2001, the firm was founded by leaders in the petroleum industry. With a focus on competency-based training, our client delivers unparalleled learning and development training programs that maintain a high level of competence in employees all over the world.

Requirements for the 3D Animation Project

Our team was required to convert 2D images into 3D animations, promoting realistic visualization of their course materials. We were tasked with the creation of 20 detailed animations per month. The client provided us with 2D images of machine components from various angles as well as a script detailing their vision for the 3D animation. Our team was tasked with developing an animation that showcased the complete dismantling of specific machine components with specific attention paid to replicating these components as accurately as possible.

Challenges Faced by Our Editing Team

Our team discovered that 3D visualization of the machine components from the 2D images presented somewhat of a challenge. In many cases, the images provided lacked the detail required to follow the client's script.

Our Detailed Image Stitching Process

During our initial meeting with the client, we ironed out the final details of the project. We set up a team of 5 animators, as well as a team leader, assistant manager.

To complete this project, our team made use of industry standard software including:
Our step-wise process for this project was as follows:
2D images of machine components received from the client
The first draft of the 3D model prepared by our team and set to the client for feedback
The client provided feedback on the draft and passed it back to our team for correction
Animatics processes completed by the modeling team without texturing and rendering
Client review completed, and changes implemented
The animation was passed through three detailed levels of quality control
Final draft completed with high-quality render
Client Benefits
The client expected 100% accuracy from our team and was thoroughly impressed with the final results. By sticking to the deadline and ensuring complete transparency throughout the process, we created 3D animations that packed a powerful punch while saving the client time and money. We fully expect to work with the client on similar projects in the future.

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