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Case Study

Video Tagging and Annotation Project
for Basketball Analytics Company

The Client - Basketball Analytics Company

The client is an Italian studio with a vast range of video solutions. Catering to almost all industry verticals including, sports and fitness, fashion and design, hotel, research, and more, the client company stands out by delivering unique videos for promotion and positioning.

With a huge network of video makers, the client has served many individual entrepreneurs as well as organizations over the years. Knowledge of the current trends, advanced production studio, quick turn around time, and experience have enabled the client to deliver high-quality videos in every project they undertake.

The Client - Basketball Analytics Company

The client approached Video Caddy (VCD) for an interesting video tagging project. The analytics company requested that we observe videos of basketball games and practice sessions, using the client-provided tool and annotate the most important moments in each video. Each of these "moments" was specified on a list that was sent to our team along with the videos. We were also required to track players and their most significant moves and falls in-game moments.

Knowing that we needed to process one hundred 1-hour videos per month, we found it necessary to assign a team of 6 dedicated resources to the task.

Challenges Faced by Our Video Tagging Team

In addition to the challenge of processing each 1-hour video in under 5 hours, our team members were faced with learning about and understanding the game of basketball and all its regulations.

The Process that Video Caddy Followed

Once we assigned the perfect team of video editing experts to the project, we developed a detailed step-wise process to ensure smooth and flawless delivery:
The videos were uploaded and shared with our editors
Our team combed through each video to tag the most important events including baskets, passes, dribbles, etc.
We ensured that the players were appropriately tagged as well.
The tagged videos were uploaded to the client's server on Saturdays and Sundays to maintain the central European delivery time.
End Benefits of This Project
The client was completely satisfied with the quality of our work and our highly efficient performance. We worked under significant time constraints to complete this challenging task and were incredibly pleased with the results.

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