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Case Study

Stunning Cartoon Character Animation for
e-Learning and Branding

The Client - Online Guidance & Learning Specialists

Based in South Africa and backed by years of teaching experience, the client is a group of parents that have designed a child-friendly online learning hub; offering it through means of collaboration, knowledge, and goodwill.

Believing that future generations can benefit from a guided introduction to our digitally enhanced environment, they have created this interactive site that offers an assortment of assistance, including E-learning, distance education, and skill development. By striving forward with the goal of reaching and empowering as many children as possible, they have become a trusted provider and an appreciated guide.

Requirements for the Cartoon Animation Project

The client approached our team at Video Caddy (VCD) needing assistance with creating a character for their online portal and various educational videos they wanted to release. Choosing a meerkat as their mascot, they provided us with a rough sketch of what they wanted it to look like. We were required to step in and fine-tune the concept, adding in additional details including a t-shirt with their company logo and include certain movement like waving, jumping and encouraging gestures, e.g., giving a thumbs up.

Challenges Tackled by Video Caddy’s Team

After starting this project, the main challenge our team faced was the level of design complexity presented to us. The starting concept was very crude, and enhancing it to a useable level presented some difficulties.

To deal with this challenge, the client allowed us an almost free reign with the beginning drafts and the lack of ambiguity meant that we could work unhindered. We are pleased to note that there were no other challenges

Step-Wise Process for the Cartoon Character Animation Project

At Video Caddy, our team has years of experience in a wide range of design and animation services, including 2D, 3D, animation, and brand assistance. In working on this project, we wanted to not only assist the client by creating an appropriate mascot, but also put in the extra effort to enhance such a worthy cause. Our process was as follows:
Following the initial project meeting, the client sent us their character sketches.
We assigned three dedicated resources to handle this project from start to finish.
We began by designing the mascot in 2D animation while using the client’s requirements/inputs.
Once done, we sent it to the client for a quality check.
Upon receiving the go-ahead, we began working on facial expressions, gestures, and movements.
Once completed, we sent the final product back to the client via email.
End Benefits – 70% Cost Saving for the Client and Mesmerizing Animated Cartoon Characters
Due to the popularity of their services, the client needed the mascot as quickly as possible. By choosing to work with us, they not only received professional assistance with the designing and creation but also a partner willing to cater to their time urgency. The product within five working days and also saved the client an estimated 70% in service costs.

Our team also benefited greatly from this project, as the client has started handing over additional animation projects for us to complete. They want us to provide an entire character animation services capable explaining more about what they do and who can benefit. We believe the next phase will be a cartoon film. Moving forward we anticipate an interesting and highly beneficial working relationship with more project successes and professional outputs.

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