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Case Study

Animated Talking Envelops - Developed by Video Caddy with Advanced Animation and Modeling

The Client Outsourced 3D Modeling and Animation Project

Based in Virginia, the USA, the client is a well-known expressionistic artist who has dedicated his life to creating and displaying some of the world's most beautiful pieces. Getting into painting from a young age, his talent grew into dozens of masterpieces in numerous art forms which have been showcased in different renowned galleries.

Requirements for 3D Modeling and Animation Project

The client approached Video Caddy (VCD) with a project concerning the restoration of old images by digitizing them in the form of graphical models for illustration purpose. Among the images provided to us, the client also provided three old envelopes with letters in them, all of which required 3D animation and modeling.

Challenges Faced by Video Caddy's Design Team

The client had a few images of illustrious paintings, and old paper envelopes and letters. This made dealing with these materials difficult. Extra care had to be taken in handling the envelopes and their contents carefully so that they wouldn't be damaged more than they already had been over the years.

In creating these models, each detail needed to be checked and applied with a professional precision that was time-consuming and delayed our pace at times.

We overcame this by utilizing three dedicated resources which assisted us in completing the modeling of an envelope within 22 hours.

Process Followed for This Project

Such care had been taken in creating and caring for these items, that our team at Video Caddy wanted to show the same quality in our services provided. We assigned our best resources to this project and worked tirelessly to complete it according to the client's standards. Our carefully curated process was as follows:
The client sent us the images and the old envelopes.
Once received, we began the modeling process using 3ds Max.
Next, we performed a UV unwrapping and texturing for each example.
We paid special attention to lighting and rendering.
We did the logos in 6 different variations with different lighting conditions.
Finally, we sent the completed product to the client via image and fbx.
Project Benefits for the Client and Video Caddy
The client trusted us to take something beautiful and make it timeless. Our end products were exactly what the client was looking for, and our efforts were recognized both in the quality service we provided and costs saved for the client. This project has opened the door to a long and beneficial working relationship, as the client has requested more projects to be handled by us in the future.

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