Case Study

High-profile US-based Client Approached Video Caddy with the Raw Wedding Clips and Received a Spell-bound Wedding Video

Client Profile

As a billionaire business owner and well-known celebrity, the client boasts a substantial social media following and fan base. With a very high profile status in the media, the client's personal life is often documented by various media sources. However, the client planned a family wedding event that would be limited in attendance to family members and numerous celebrity guests. Requiring privacy from unwanted media attention, the client organized a unique way to document the wedding that consisted of the guests filming the event from their mobile phones.

Client's Requirements

The client's personalized, fun approach to wedding documentation resulted in hundreds of video clips from the guest's point of view, and the client needed to create a cohesive, complete wedding film from these sources. Additionally, the client wanted a second, shorter wedding film containing only the highlights of the event. However, with the privacy of the utmost importance, the client was searching for an outsourcing partner who could manage to execute a video edit of this caliber while adhering to a very tight schedule and with the utmost professionalism.

The client decided to partner with the outsourcing experts at Video Caddy (VCD) due to the following reasons:

  • VCD's reputation for discretion and sound aesthetic judgment attributes that the client sought for this project due to the high profile of the event.
  • Prior experience with wedding video editing and special effects to supplement the wedding clips with the appropriate level of artistic enhancement.
  • Ability to complete the entire project on an extremely short timeline while still delivering the highest quality product.

Challenges Faced by VCD During This Project

The VCD team faced several daunting challenges over the course of executing a film editing project of this scope:

  • The VCD team was presented with over three-hundred video clips to view and validate before beginning the stitching and editing of the wedding videos.
  • The wedding guests had filmed the videos from a variety of different mobile devices, thus ensuring that the high quality of the final video was a challenge.
  • The client had a very short schedule for this project, with a projected completion deadline of under a week.

Exceptional steps taken by the VCD team to meet the client's requirements:

  • The video clips that were shot from different angles were arranged in an intelligent, thoughtful way to achieve a movie-like effect for the final version.

Solutions Presented by VCD

VCD's process to provide necessary solutions to the project challenges were as follows:

  • As the client did not employ professional videographers during the event, there was no cohesive plan behind the documentation. To design an orderly sequence of the clips, the VCD team considered the client's opinions, as well as the order of wedding events, and other preferences into account to create the main wedding video.
  • The shorter video of wedding highlights was designed according to both the client's opinions and VCD's best judgments based on experience.
  • The VCD video editing team watched and verified all of the video clips taken by the guests to arrange them according to the pre-planned sequence.
  • A multitude of the video clips was taken from different angles. Therefore VCD had to select and edit the best clips using Adobe Premier Pro to provide different visual effects.
  • A majority of the clips were shot on an iPhone and were the same resolution, but to ensure the same quality level throughout the entirety of the final wedding video, the VCD team adjusted and improved the quality of some of the clips.
  • The clips selected for the final video were stitched and rendered in the correct sequence to a single, complete wedding video.
  • VCD's experienced, knowledgeable video editors applied a professional eye to the raw video clips, adding numerous special effects and transitions for a truly personal touch.
  • The final videos were delivered to the client on time, resulting in a 35-minute wedding documentary and a 5-minute highlight video.

The Results

This high profile, celebrity wedding video edit project was completed successfully, and the following results were accomplished:

  • The client was extremely pleased with the final version of the videos, and described them as being "amazingly good."
  • The videos were accepted in a single iteration with no further changes or edits requested by the client.
  • VCD successfully produced a video edit with a unique concept, and can now present this special case as one of our professional achievements.
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