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Case Study

Video Caddy Takes Hearing Aid Product Demos to an All-new Level With 3D Modeling and Animation

The Client – Leading Hearing Aid Manufacturers

Based in Denmark, the client is an organization that specializes in creating and providing top of the range, quality hearing aids to a vast range of people with hearing difficulties. Their prime focus is creating and supplying custom-made devices that fit perfectly in one's ear to allow for ultimate comfort and optimal sound quality. They have revolutionized hearing aids by adapting them to the fast-paced technology of today. Coupling trusted hardware with new and improved software on your phone, means that anyone can now have a hearing aid that learns with them. That they can personalize and shape according to their needs.

Requirements for the Product Modeling and Animation Project

The client approached Video Caddy (VCD) in need of 3D modeling for new hearing aids they were working on. This project included 60 products that all required different colors, details and texture variants. We were asked to match each model to the required color and specs and make it look as realistic as possible.

Challenges Faced by Video Caddy

The major challenges that our team faced were due to the varied nature of the products and the requirements. Because each product was unique, we struggled with adapting our skills to each detail. In some instances, it was difficult to bring in the exact color or texture of the product which is required by the client. This also put additional pressure on us to complete the tasks within time and budget.

However, after a few meetings and trial runs with the initial concepts, also receiving a five-day training course from the client, we were able to overcome these difficulties and created the final products the client was looking for.

Process Outline Followed by the Video Caddy Team

Using a team of six people, experience and a little of our creativity, our team quickly got to work on the clients' projects. The team utilized 3dsMax, Photoshop, and V-Ray for the project and the process was as follows:
After a few discussions and the online training, our Video Caddy team understood the requirements of the client clearly and were able, to begin with, the needed tasks.
We started by creating the initial 3D model of each product, and once this was complete, we created the texture and gave the color variations.
Upon the client's approval, we rendered and sent the final 3d model of the product through an FTP transfer.
Finally, we created a 360-degree animation video clip for some of the product models to be displayed on the client's website.
Finally, we sent the completed product to the client via image and fbx.
Project Takeaways
By coming to Video Caddy with this project, the client had their ideas and plans realized. Because of our experience and the training we received, we were able to meet the client's requirements and also save them significant time and money. Our final outputs were of high quality and perfectly showcased the ingenuity of the client's new product line which made a great addition to their already impressive website. Impressed with our transparent process and proactive communication, the client requested to partner for a few more similar projects which we happily agreed.

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