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Case Study

An US Based Under-staffed Storyboarding Company Completes Big-budget 3D Animated Movie On-time as Scheduled

The Client

The client is a publishing and information products delivery company that has worked closely with digital media to provide tools and data to researchers, travelers, educators, logistics teams and trade professionals for nearly 20 years.


Catering to businesses of media-based industries such as film making units, graphic and advertising companies require extraordinary talent and specialized in-house storyboard expertise. Outsourcing their additional workload to an offshore company was a major concern of the client.

The Challenges

There were few challenges ahead of us to accomplish this specific task that include:
Drawing a detailed visualization of the entire script on a storyboard of 50+ shots
Drafting a timely and an effective solution to help client get the ideas for 3D animation
Making a detailed description of the key shots to be sent to the storyboard artists
Creating a storyboard that enables film makers to pre-visualize the shorts and evaluate potential problems
Using all six principles of storyboarding for visual analytics: viewpoints, transition, composition, annotability, separability, and interactivity

The Video Caddy Solution

After a careful analysis of the client's situation, we drafted the final solution based on the following considerations:
Assigned a team of experienced conceptual and storyboard artists, designers, and illustrators who are well-versed with storyboarding, and provide all the requirements of a shot
Using Adobe Illustrator to convert hand-drawn illustrations and pencil sketches into digital formats
Using quick sketches on paper or using Photoshop with digital pencils
Applying a screening process to assure everything is perfect
Effective planning and allocations of shots to be illustrated


The client was able to produce 3D animated movie on-time as scheduled earlier.
The client was able to receive the storyboard featured with further steps for animation and 100% concept clarity.
The storyboard was drafted in a way that helps the client to use an effective combination of time and materials available, and stays focused on prime elements of the story.

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