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Case Study

Logo Animation and Modeling Project - Logos of Tomorrow Through Animation and Modeling

The Client- Outsourced Logo Animation and Modeling Project

Based in Germany, the client is an advertising specialist that focuses heavily on promoting other companies using advanced advertising technologies, as well as strikingly beautiful advertising systems and lettering.

Their machines, materials, and the know-how of their employees guarantees a long advertising shelf-life for their clients. They have been in business for close to seventy years and are well known for their quality outputs and progressive techniques.

Logo Animation and Modeling Project Requirements

The client approached our team at Video Caddy (VCD) with a project concerning a set of images that needed to be modeled, developed into logos, and sent back to them in PNG format. The client wanted these logos in six different variations for different lighting conditions. We were given thirty-six hours to complete this task.

Editing Challenges Faced by Video Caddy

In taking on this project, the main challenges we faced were due to the necessity of adhering to their branding specifications. No changes or edits could be made to any of the images or ideas. This made matching the specific colors, dimensions, and effects difficult at times.

Process Followed by Our Logo Animators

Video Caddy pooled the best resources for this project and worked progressively from the first step to ensure we delivered exactly what the client needed. Our stepwise process was as follows:
We received the images and scrubbed them so that we could begin the 3D animation and modeling process.
Our team of logo animators did the logo modeling using 3ds Max.
Once this was completed our next step was shredding.
We paid special attention to the lighting and rendering details for each logo.
We did the logos in 6 different variations with different lighting conditions.
We transferred the finished products to the client, as requested.
A Super Happy Client with 60% Cost Benefit
By outsourcing this project to Video Caddy, the client was able to have their vision realized. We met every expectation for the images and were able to deliver a high-quality finish.
By doing this, we also gave the client a 60% cost saving benefit. The client was extremely pleased with our work and asked us to handle more projects in the future.

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