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Video Clipping for Leading Italian Studio in Creating a Unique Stock Video Library

The Client – Italy-based Video Solutions Provider

The client is an Italian studio with a vast range of video solutions. Catering to almost all industry verticals including, sports and fitness, fashion and design, hotel, research, and more, the client company stands out by delivering unique videos for promotion and positioning. With a huge network of video makers, the client has served many individual entrepreneurs as well as organizations over the years. Knowledge of the current trends, advanced production studio, quick turn around time, and experience have enabled the client to deliver high-quality videos in every project they undertake.

Requirement for Video Clipping to Create Stock Video Library

The client came around Video Caddy (VCD) from the web and learned about the range of our services, such as - animation , video editing, storyboarding , and more. For their custom stock video library, they wanted video clipping and editing partners. As part of their requirement, the client requested VCD’s clipping team to clip and deliver around 400 five-second videos every day.

Project Challenges Overcome by Our Video Editing Team

As the videos provided by the client were GoPro videos created in a different environment, the quality standards of those were not uniform. So, initially, our editors had to have many rounds of back-and-forth discussions with the client, which resulted in the delay in delivery. However, with each discussion, we started documenting the client’s feedback so that we could decide on the quality part of the final clips.

Video Clipping Process Followed by Video Caddy for This Project

The clipping process was simple after we understood the type and the extent of adjustments that the client wanted us to make in order to have all the final video clips of the same quality. Our video clipping process for the project was as follows:
We received the original video clips and a few instructions for a few particular videos from the client and formed a team of four dedicated video editors to work on this project.
Before working on the actual project, we did a trial and delivered 1000 video clips in four days.
The client was satisfied with the trial and sent us the next batches of videos for clipping.
We used Adobe Premiere Pro to cut and create clips of 5-second video clips.
The video clips were then sent to the client via drop box on a daily basis.
Takeaways - 400 High-quality Video Clips Delivered Daily
The client was satisfied with our adherence to the delivery timeline and video quality. We have a delivery partner for the client ever since with 400-500 high-quality video submissions into their stock video library.

If you have a video clipping requirement or any video editing or post-production need, contact us today.

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