01 Jun2020

9 Time-Tested Strategies to Market Your Explainer Video

Explainer video production is one of the effective mediums of sharing information and presenting newly launched products or services for a good reason. The numbers show that conversions are way up with very little downside in terms of cost and time. Business owners are highly encouraged to add this powerful media to their marketing tool belt. 

60% of individuals would rather watch videos online than watch television. This is a fact of today. Videos are the most popular form of media in the world right now, and businesses are using them to engage with their audience in ways they’ve never even considered. Let’s look at some of the numbers:

Why Explainer Videos are So Effective

Nearly 70% of buyers are convinced to buy software after watching a video. When a video explains the product features, elaborates on the problem scenario, and shows how a product or service solves the problem, there’s nothing left for the consumer to decide apart from the cost part. 

Consider this scenario. A consumer is looking for a better way to protect themselves from coronavirus, so they stumble on a series of videos that explain some amazing tips to protect themselves. These videos are highly informative, and they each feature specific products or services. The creators have already established trust by providing tips, so the chances of the consumer making a purchase from them are going to be much higher now. In short, these videos have turned a cold lead into a hot lead. 

Why Explainer Videos are So Effective

Using that scenario, let’s see how these videos would accomplish that goal.

  • Resolves a pain point experienced by the audience through clear explanations and a valid plan of action.
  • They get straight to the point. A video that rambles on is not going to convert, nor is it going to build trust.
  • Each video must utilize storytelling to add credibility and truly engage with the audience. 
  • Explainer videos must be practical. They need to answer one question in the simplest way possible with no fluff. 
  • They provide access to a brand in unparalleled ways. Social media is the big one, exposing videos to millions of individuals.
  • Search engines love explainer videos, indexing sites with dynamic video libraries higher than sites with a lot of text.

Choosing the Perfect Time to Create Explainer Videos

There’s not a single-stage in business when explainer videos are most effective, but there are certain indicators of topics that need to be explained. In truth, anytime the use of a product or service is questioned, then there is a need for an explainer video. Here are some examples of great times to create explainer videos:

  • When launching a new service or an extension of a solution.
  • During a product launch.
  • Fundraising events.
  • When customers need to educate about specific problems or product features.

9 of the Best Strategies to Market Explainer Videos

Businesses have started to see the vast benefits of animated explainer videos, so it’s time to take a closer look at how to give these videos the best chance of reaching the target audience to achieve the intended business objective.

1. Add Explainer Videos to a Business Website

This should always be the first step in marketing an explainer video. In return for educating a target audience, businesses get access to leads. It’s essential to ensure that those leads are coming to the right place. Consumers spend more time on a website with video content that they do with written blogs.

Add Explainer Videos to a Business Website

2. Put YouTube’s Powerful Engine to Use

Start by putting in the work to do the proper keyword research and then let YouTube’s powerful engine serve as a lead magnet. There are three essential elements to using YouTube effectively – the title, description, and tags. All must be enriched with keywords.

Put YouTube’s Powerful Engine to Use

3. Don’t Forget to Include a Powerful Call to Action

One of the keys to animated video production is to include a call to action that compels viewers to take a specific action. Without a CTA, they will finish a video and simply move on with their lives, therefore causing videos to lose tremendous value.

Call to Action

4. Mobile Optimization Makes Videos Stand Out in a Busy World

Mobile optimization is the key to the future of explainer video animation, and it’s absolutely essential that videos are created with this in mind. Snapchat enabled vertical video resolution and experienced nine times the engagement. Square videos are also outperforming landscape videos on social media due to their compatibility with mobile technology.

Mobile Optimization

5. Market Videos on Social Media the Right Way

Entrepreneurs understand the marketing power of social media, so it’s surprising that so many businesses are still getting this wrong. Social media puts explainer videos into a system with over 3 billion individuals. There are three essential strategies that businesses must follow to market on social media:

Market Videos on Social Media
  • Videos must work without sound. This is done through closed captioning and/or text in the video itself. 
  • Videos should be shared at optimal times, which will take research to determine as it changes from time-to-time.
  • Videos should be posted in native posts only since externally hosted videos are often given lower authority.

6. A Smiling Face is Worth a Fortune

Video thumbnails are an important choice. Think of it as a book cover. It’s the first thing that catches people’s attention, so it has to be compelling. With that said, the highest converting thumbnail is one with a person smiling. This is easily seen on YouTube, where the majority of top-ranked videos use this strategy in their thumbnail. 

Video thumbnails

7. Paid Video Marketing Doesn’t Have to Cost a Fortune

Entrepreneurs expect to have to spend money on marketing, so paid advertising of explainer videos is going to help kick start success. Social media provides an excellent system for targeted advertising, so use it as an advantage. What that means is that social media allows for hyper-focused marketing, so these ads will reach only the target market. 

Paid Video Marketing

8. Learn to Use Analytics to their Fullest Benefit

 Learn to Use Explainer video marketing is enhanced through a firm understanding of performance. Data is the key to unlocking the true potential of a video, and that data is discovered through video marketing analytics. While every platform will have its own way of looking at metrics, the information businesses need remains the same.to their Fullest Benefit

Learn to Use Analytics to their Fullest Benefit
  • The average duration of views.
  • Most watched sections.
  • The geographic location of viewers.
  • Devices used to view the video.
  • Unique video impressions both paid and through keywords.

9. Use Explainer Videos as a Sales Pitch

Investing in explainer videos would be worth – the high investment to benefit ratio is a proven fact. Sales pitches and presentation of new products/services are a pair of amazing ways to fully unlock the power of a video. For instance, rather than opening a meeting with a long presentation, consider playing a 2-3-minute explainer video. It condenses the information and makes it far more entertaining. A study shows that nearly 60% of business executives would rather watch a 2-minute video than view an hour-long presentation.

Create Marketing Explainer Videos Like A Pro!

The majority of explainer video cost is in the actual production of the video, so it’s no surprise that many businesses turn to explainer video animation services in order to create the best videos. Companies like Video Caddy (VCD) has exceptional teams that are able to provide top-quality video editing services. 

With specialized explainer video editing services, VCD ensures that your animated explainer videos involve the touch of your brand and though the process. To learn more about our video editing process and to get a free quote, contact us today.


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