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Explainer Video Animation Services

Video Caddy (VCD) supports the demand for video content prevalent across media platforms with Explainer Video Animation Services. Explainer videos are becoming increasingly popular, and VCD helps clients in leveraging this marketing medium. The experienced video editing and post-production team at VCD understands your audience group and delivers new concepts, complex topics, e-learning and education, and products and service demonstrations in a form applicable to the viewers across the globe. VCD recognizes the need for affordable animation that’s stunning, cohesive, and highly informative. Our deft and cost-efficient approach to outsourcing monitors projects development and customer objectives throughout all stages of production so that we can guarantee our client’s satisfaction and ensure project delivery on time.

Attract and engage your audience, increase conversion rates, and gain new leads with Video Caddy’s Animated Explainer Video Services that translate your marketing and sales goals into video content reflective of your brand.

Explainer Video Animation Services by Video Caddy

VCD’s Explainer Video Animation Services take your brand’s tone, target audience, and cultural identification into account to ensure that we can craft your animated message in impressive, crisp animation. Service include, but are not limited to:

Storyboarding + Characters

VCD creates an original storyboard and character models that incorporate the entire flow of your concept in a clear, concise approach to building explainer videos from the ground up.


VCD addresses your customer pain points during script writing to deliver your story and ensure that concepts are conveyed in a conversion driven, a simplified story that explains the fine details of your message.


VCD provides talented, professional narrators in a variety of languages that inject emotion, personality, and liveliness into explainer video scripts. We ensure your script, story, and characters are represented with the right voice actors, enhanced by crisp audio definition.

Animation and SFX

VCD brings animation and sound effects to life to create the immersive, emotional experience that viewers crave. We strive to create visual and audio effects that reflect your core message, style, and tone using the highest quality software.


VCD creates the feel and drives emotional appeal with music that suits not only your brand but also the core concepts of your style and story, including different instruments and genres, that sync with your animation and message.


VCD provides accurate subtitles to support animated content released on platforms that feature videos with sound-optional features, like Facebook. We ensure subtitles are translated exactly as communicated in the video’s featured audio, and also offer multilingual subtitle options to further viewer reach.

Benefits of Partnering with the Leading Animated Explainer Video Company

Positioned as a premier explainer video company in India, VCD’s simple, customizable video production process allows businesses to communicate brand messages, position themselves with credibility, and inspire their viewers to take action:

  • Original Artwork

    We bypass the overdone approach to universal art templates in favor of creating personalized, original animation for a video that’s truly one of a kind.

  • Conversion-driven Scripts

    VCD’s scriptwriting process not only focuses on storytelling and effective brand message communication but utilizes language that helps turn visitors into potential leads.

  • Transfix Audiences

    Showcase customer testimonials, demonstration or how-to videos, product and service benefits, or employee training with clarity and purpose.

  • Inform Your Audience

    VCD takes your selling point into account, creating concise, informative videos that convey a distinct, emotionally powerful message to allow your viewers to make educated decisions about your services and products.

  • Supports All Industry Verticals

    VCD doesn’t rely on a “cookie cutter” approach to animation production; instead, we tailor content for verticals such as Entertainment and Media, Technology, Healthcare, Insurance, and Finance, Corporate, Academic, Marketing, Real Estate, and more.

  • Styles to Suit Your Brand Goals

    VCD offers companies animated explainer videos in a wide variety of styles, created with purpose and tied to business objectives, including Cutout Animation, Kinetic Typography, Infographics, 2D Cartoon, Motion Graphics, and Whiteboard.

  • Reliable Outsourcing

    Straightforward, no-gimmick outsourcing model that focuses on quality control, communication, and transparency while following ISO standards, utilizing state-of-the-art software and facilities, and prioritizing your unique needs and deadlines.

  • Simplify Complex Ideas

    Turn a complex concept into an easily understood, relevant video that demonstrates your brand authority and value to customers and potential clients.

Outsource Explainer Animation with the
Video Content Creation Experts at Video Caddy

Video Caddy supports the growing needs of individuals and businesses in a market landscape saturated by video and media. Outsource your explainer video animation projects to VCD and establish a robust brand identity with dynamic, budget-friendly, high-quality explainer videos.

Contact the animation experts at VCD to find out how you can outsource your animation needs today and invest in an animated explainer video service that embraces today’s most popular, results-driven marketing and sales format.

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