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Explainer Video Animation

For more than ten years now, Video Caddy has been a leader in creating "explainer video animation" for global companies – including the red-hot category of explainer video animation. These helpful videos are concise and contain painstakingly collated explanations of what your company does or what your products can do. Moreover, if you are planning for a new marketing campaign or want to create brand awareness for your existing products wagon, strategically created explainer videos can do wonders.

Our team of highly experienced animators studies your target audience before planning the videos and thus when delivered to potential customers in a snazzy form, these Video Caddy developed explainer videos are both entertaining as well as effective.

Outsource Explainer Video Animation

An Explainer Video can come in many forms, depending on your company culture and your vision. Video Caddy has the artists, technicians, and experience to be able to take your notes and turn them into a wide variety of explainer video animations.

2D Animation

Sometimes going classic makes the most sense. Our staffs' traditional animation skill can create a beautiful, eye-catching traditional 2D animation that captures the mood you want and conveys all the information about your company, your philosophy, and your products or services.

3D Animation

For a modern edge, go into the third dimension! As 3D home viewership rises, the 3D explainer video animation is becoming a hot tool for not only explaining your products or services, but also for marking your business as cutting edge. Video Caddy already has the cutting -edge hardware necessary for these animations in place, ready to go.

Infographic Animation Explainer Video

Infographics persist on the web for one reason- They work. They're familiar to most users and very efficient in conveying information in a short time. Our combination of trained, dedicated customer service and skilled artists and technicians means we can create a high-quality infographic-based explainer video that will cut through the noise and reach your customers.

Stop-motion Animation Explainer Video

A little more challenging, but with a more potential "wow" factor, a stop-motion animation always inspires people to stop and look – and this combined with an explainer video script makes a big splash. Our team knows how doing it right, and has the experience necessary to anticipate and address every problem.

Whiteboard Animation Explainer Video

Our animators can use Shape Tween techniques to actively change and transform shapes on screen, opening an entirely new array of options for your project.

Kick-starter Explainer Video

Looking for funding? People need to know why they should be interested. We can craft an explainer video animation for your Kickstarter page that will inspire and excite potential donors. Hiring Video Caddy to create your Explainer video means you get the perfect video on the first try.

Benefits Working with an Explainer Video
Animation Company

We have everything you need to create a fantastic explainer video animation without breaking the bank:

  • Competitive Rates

    Aiming for a long-term relationship with clients, we price our services in a feasible range. That means we offer the best rates in the industry – still you don't have to sacrifice anything by saving a little money.

  • Experience

    We bring it all to the table. We have the animators, artists, and technicians on hand who can immediately begin work on your project – and they bring an average of five years' experience with them.

  • Customer Service

    Video Caddy's commitment to customer services is second to none. We offer 24/6 customer service and as a customer, you can call us any time to discuss existing projects, new business, or to clarify anything on our services.

Call us today to discuss what we can do for you in terms of an explainer video animation – or any other service. Work with us and we'll change all that.

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