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13 Nov2019

Professional Video Editing Can Improve Your Marketing Performance

In a pre-digital world, marketing required salespeople to source customers and secure sales using direct one-on-one selling. Since the introduction and adoption of social media platforms, the concept of direct marketing has changed. 

The mobile phone has become integrated with the digital world and has created a more intimate customer-focused marketing environment. It is crucial, therefore, to ensure that a business has the highest quality online marketing and content, to ensure the attraction of potential customers. Companies need to increase their focus on social media engagement and video marketing to cater to an ever-growing need for an online presence. A better understanding of how professional video editing services can improve marketing performance is needed to do this.  

Look at the infographic below to understand what you are missing if you are not using video marketing. 

Here is what you lose

Five Reasons to Use Video Marketing

Video marketing statistics and research show that the future of digital marketing is linked to video content. Approximately 70% of the one billion hours spent watching YouTube videos is daily attributed to mobile device use. While this information is motivation within itself, there are more practical reasons to use video marketing. These include:

  1. Video Increases Conversion and Sales The rapid advancement of technology has resulted in video dominating all forms of sales. This is because visual media stimulates people and they are more likely to engage with visual material. Statistics show that a video showcasing your product, and its benefits, on your landing page will increase sales to website visitors by 80%. Explainer-videos are one example of how marketers have capitalized on the opportunity to sell to a potential customer on a visual platform, as customers indicated that they are more likely to purchase a product after learning how it works.
  2. Social Platforms Prefer Videos Customer engagement on social media platforms offers marketers insight into their buyers’ preferences. Not only are they able to cater directly to the needs of their target audience, but they could create marketing material to solidify brand value further and create awareness. With social media specifically designed for “liking and sharing,” businesses can better understand customer interest.
  3. Increase Your Site’s SEO Statistics show that adding a YouTube video on a business landing page significantly increases ranking across several search engines, including Google and Youtube. Furthermore, a high online ranking makes your site more “discoverable,” and more likely to appear in search suggestions. Optimizing your video’s keywords and meta information to align with title and description will further increase your SEO rank.  Embedding a video into your site instills a sense of credibility and trust.
  4. Mobile Viewers Prefer Video According to YouTube, mobile views have shown a 100% increase in year-on-year. Since 92% of mobile video consumers share videos with others, marketers have adapted their marketing efforts to present better on mobile devices. 
  5.  Video Shows a High Return on Investment In analyzing marketing performance data, minor internal exercises reveal that video production (especially the professional editing thereof) is a costly task. However, the data also shows that video marketing has the highest return on investment. The attraction of video marketing is linked to the rapid advancement of technology. Online video editing tools are always improving, and the services of professional video editors are becoming more affordable.
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Ten Reasons to Hire Professional Video Editors

  1. Experienced Professionals The primary benefit of hiring a hand-picked professional video editor is that they have been selected based on their body of work. This should offer an insight into how flexible or improvisational they are. Video editors are inclined to protect their online reputation, as it is their virtual business card.
  2. Service Guarantee A service guarantee entitles the holder to some form of objection if the service was done inadequately. Professional video editors provide service guarantees on their work, and they have obtained years of experience in the industry.
  3. Save Time The amount of time wasted on back-office implementation of video editing tasks is avoidable. Outsourcing video editing requirements to a professional will provide more time to tend to matter about business growth. In hiring a video editor, one needs to specify the budget, the video editing requirements, and the timeframe within which the job needs to be completed.
  4. Receiving What You Request By hiring the services of a professional video editor, they undertake to understand the client’s exact needs and to provide a service in line with what they want. Furthermore, a clear line of communication is implemented, should any requests require changes.
  5. Innovation and Experience Professional photo and video editors take the responsibility upon themselves to stay up-to-date with technological advances, and they strive to deliver the best service to each client. Considering the high ROI, and the shift towards video on social platforms, a professional’s experience is invaluable. Video editors are equipped with knowledge of the latest trends and production methods such as keyframe interpolation with the use of Bezier curves. They know what works and offer that experience to their clients.
  6. Quick Turnaround Time Hiring the services of a professional video editor usually means that they can deliver a finished product by an agreed-upon deadline. Furthermore, their experience allows them to work more quickly and efficiently than a non-professional editor can.
  7. Any Type of Video Most professional online video editors will offer a diverse body of work. This enables one to consider all their work to date and to judge if it identifies with the brand or video marketing requirements.
  8. Professional Video Editors Provide Professional Equipment In hiring a professional video editor, you will have access to all their resources and equipment to complete the video. Since they specialize in editing, they utilize these tools for the best result.
  9. No Obligation The freedom to choose as and when you need service is a luxury that is often overlooked. Obtaining the services of a professional video editor can be done on a project-to-project basis. There is no obligation or commitment to stay with that editor, should you wish to use another.
  10. Wide Choice of Video Editors Freelance editing is done virtually, which allows companies to put online editors through a “vetting and bidding” process to acquire the services of the editor that best fits with the project at hand.

Video Editing Services That Professional Video Editors Provide

  • Background Noise Removal Amongst other services, professional editors can reduce ambient noise from recordings, and remove unwanted background sounds. They possess the knowledge and skill to clean up audio and video files.
  • Additional Effects Enhancing videos and adding effects can ensure the success of a video. A choice of music or sounds could add a new dimension to the atmosphere of the video, while headings, voice-overs, or subtitles could provide a unique sales opportunity.
  • Color Correction Professional video editors can apply the latest techniques to rectify the colors of a video. This will significantly affect the experience of the viewer and have long-lasting benefits for brand recognition and sales.
  • Shot Sequencing The video editing process allows for unwanted portions from randomly shot video footage to be removed, while the rest of the video is compiled by arranging a series of shots into a meaningful sequence.
  • Decluttering Footage An experienced video editor can trim valuable seconds off of a video. They can skillfully cut away unclear shots and unwanted footage. Eliminating a couple of seconds of video that adds little or no value to the user experience can improve the marketing performance of the video.
  • Stabilizing Drone Footage Using drones in video marketing efforts allows for expert aerial footage. The biggest concern is the presentability of the video when you want to showcase venues or properties. A professional video editor can stabilize the footage using the latest video editing software.
  • Defective Pixel Correction Defective pixels hinder the video quality and require a qualified video editor to correct those flaws. In doing so, the editor will aid in creating a final natural product and pleasant viewing experience for the intended target audience.
  • Background Score A background score, or film soundtrack, usually refers to an original piece of music written specifically for a video. This could be a jingle, or a dramatic tone intended to accompany the marketing video. Following instruction, a video editor is provided with the task of overlaying or inserting the music into a video.

Wrapping Up – Video Editing Services Can Increase Marketing Efforts

With the inclination towards video marketing on social and mobile platforms, the demand for skilled video editors has become a key focus for many businesses. While marketing videos mainly require creativity and a good understanding of human psychology, the role of a video editor must not be overlooked. They are the crafters and designers of most video marketing campaigns. In taking the video from an amateur recording to unique customer experience, they aid in ensuring that the viewer purchases a product or a service.

– Video Caddy

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