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07 Feb2014

Professional Video Editing Improves Marketing Performance

Video marketing is one of the most powerful tools available to business owners today. Video is everywhere – it’s used in TV commercials, on YouTube, in social media marketing and in many other places as well. However, if you’re not putting the right polish on that video, you might actually shortchange yourself and your company. You need to ensure that you’re having your video professionally edited. Professional video editing improves your marketing performance in many different ways. Here’s what you should know.

Cut the Garbage

All videos, no matter how experienced the videographer, contain things that don’t need to be there. These might be ums and uhs from a speaker, or something else entirely. The point is that you’re wasting both footage and your viewers’ time. Your viewers won’t thank you for wasting their time. In fact, they might just turn off the video and go elsewhere. You can’t afford to have any garbage footage in your video, whether that’s empty air time or extraneous material. Your video should be straight to the point and concise. A professional video editor ensures that’s the case, and helps ensure that your audience is engaged.

Specialty Tools Do the Trick

If you’ve been editing your video marketing material yourself, you know just how time consuming and frustrating it can be. And after all that, you still end up with a subpar product. Professional video editors have access to specialty tools that do a far better job than what you likely have available. They don’t use consumer-grade video editing software. They use professional-quality software with far more features and capabilities.

Not only do professionals have better quality software, but they have the knowhow to use it. If you’re not a pro, chances are good that you’re just muddling your way through the process only to end up with a “good enough” result. Good enough is never good enough. If you want to compete in today’s marketplace, you have to have professional polish on that video marketing material. Amateurish results are not endearing or “grassroots” – they’re off-putting and annoying, and you’ll lose market share and respect because of them.

Cutting the Weight

When you’re using video material in offline marketing, it doesn’t really matter how large the video is. However, if you’re using it online, it matters a great deal. File size is a seriously important factor. The larger the file, the longer it takes to load, and the greater the chance that your viewers will skip out without actually watching it. Professional video editing ensures that you’re able to cut the weight without cutting the quality. You get a lightweight file that can be used anywhere online, from your website to YouTube channel to Facebook and more, all without worrying about long load times.

Professional video editing is vital for your marketing efforts. Without a pro on your side, you’re only producing amateurish results, and can only expect amateurish returns. Don’t do it – hire a professional to transform your video material into powerful marketing solutions.

– Video Caddy

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