Five Golden Rules of Effective Product Video Promotion
23 Oct2019

Five Golden Rules of Effective Product Video Promotion

Video marketing is the key to a business’s success. When it comes to video promotion, there is no better platform than YouTube. Being on this social network increases an organization’s visibility immensely. Marketing Inside Group states that YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world – next to Google – and is the world’s second-largest website, with over one billion registered YouTube subscribers. Their viewership is also extremely diverse, which means that one will likely find a subscriber base on this channel.  

Youtube Facts

A good strategy needs to be in place for YouTube so that it is possible to reach more people and improve one’s overall results. 

Here are some easy-to-follow guidelines for getting started.  

Create a YouTube Strategy 

Before discussing the best way to create product videos for marketing on YouTube and effective product video promotion, it is necessary to put together a strategy first.

When designing this strategy, answer questions such as: What is to be accomplished with YouTube and video marketing? One also needs to define the goals that need to be accomplished, for example, improving brand awareness and engagement, generating more leads and conversions, driving increased traffic to a website, and improving sales.

What Types of Videos Can One Create?

There are some types of videos that can be created, for product video promotion, and for the different sections of the sales funnel. Videos for the top of the sales funnel will assist with generating more brand awareness. Examples of these types of videos are brand videos that showcase the business and its core values; educational and how-to videos; interviews with influencers and thought-leaders in the business’ niche; animated videos; and documentaries.

How to Manage a YouTube Channel 

Unfortunately, there are not many tools to assist in managing a business’s YouTube business presence and product video promotion. However, the implementation of some techniques can help manage the YouTube account(s).

One of the great things about the comments function on YouTube is that it is possible to moderate which comments feature on a video. One can save common questions and how they want to reply to these. This will make the process of responding smoother. YouTube allows the ability to work in teams, which means that if a member of the team misses a comment, another team member will be aware of it, and so keep up the constant flow of commentary. This streamlines the product video services.

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Use Tools to Help with Creating Video Content

Several exceptional options can help to create slick and professional videos. Some of these are Sliderly, Promo, and Wave, for live-action videos, and Vyond for animation. It is not necessary to be a world-class videographer or producer to make beautiful videos. All that is needed is to know the correct tools to use. 

Do Not Forget About Search Engine Optimization

To help people find specific videos on YouTube, one needs to optimize their channels and videos. There are several factors that one needs to keep in mind when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO) on YouTube. Selecting keywords that represent the business and video content will increase SEO. The use of relevant keywords in headline and video description and adding relevant tags to each of the videos posted will also help.

The more time that people spend watching videos, and product video promotion, the more likely it is that YouTube will rank the content higher in their search results. Likewise, if the videos are getting high engagement rates from viewers, they are also more likely to promote said content above others.

Five Golden Rules of Video Promotion

  1.  Identify the Audience Identify the target market and make sure that the video content addresses them. Should one make a video that the target audience does not respond to, it would end up being a costly endeavor.
  2. Don’t Try to Sell: Tell a Story Almost everyone who makes a purchase does so based on emotion. So, when putting together a corporate video, make sure that it touches the feelings of audience members. However, make sure to tie in product messaging well, so that the target market knows what they need to be buying.
  3. Focus on the Customer A customer will buy a product because he or she requires it. In product video promotion, one needs to clearly state what benefits the audience will be getting out of the item. If the customer knows that the items that they are buying will cater to their needs and requirements, they will be more likely to do so.
  4. Optimize on the First Ten Seconds One-fifth of viewers will navigate away from a video within 10 seconds or fewer. This means that one needs to immediately convey what value the viewer will get from watching the entire video so that they will stay to the end.
  5. Include a Call to Action End the product video promotion with an action for the viewers to take, such as going to a website, or subscribing to the channel. The best way of doing this is by adding YouTube cards to the end of the video and incorporating these into the product video editing services.

Five Video Promotion Mistakes to Avoid

  1. Hard Selling The worst thing that one can do in a product video promotion is making a hard-sell. People watch videos for entertainment. They do not like anybody ‘selling’ something to them! To get away from this, weave branding into a story that will keep viewers engaged and, at the same time, will leave them ‘wanting’ the item that is being sold.
  2. Not Focusing on the Target Audience When creating a video, one may be tempted to put together a video that they would enjoy watching. This is fine if it fits the buyer persona, but make sure to put together a video that the target audience will find engaging.
  3. Poor Title and SEO There is no point in having a great video that no one can find as it defeats that purpose entirely and renders all production efforts useless. Make sure to tag the video correctly, thereby improving SEO ranking on YouTube and Google.
  4. Losing Video Viewers Owing to Lengthy Introductions When creating videos, keep in mind the best practices that go with a platform. For example, on Facebook, the average video view time is about six seconds. This means that a brand has six seconds to grab the attention of their audience to convince them to keep watching.
  5. Not Branding Correctly It does not matter how brilliant the product video promotion is if viewers can’t remember the company’s name after it. This means that one needs to make sure that there is a strong brand association.

Why are Promotional Videos Important?

According to EyeWideDigital, having a video on the company’s landing page can increase the conversion rate by 80%. Here are six ways to use videos to increase conversion rates:

  1. Include a Lead Capture Form in the First 10-20% of the Video As already discussed in this article, the first couple of seconds of a product video promotion are crucial because, during this time, viewers will decide to carry on watching or click through to the next video. A great idea to capture this audience is to insert a lead capture form in the first 10 – 20% of the video, to get the viewers’ contact details.
  2. Utilize a Custom Thumbnail with a Smiling Human Face To get more people watching a video, create a custom thumbnail with a smiling human face. This increases an emotional response from the audience, making them connect better to the content.
  3. Make the Video Short and Immediately Entertaining Keep videos short and the integral message to the point to capture the audience and ensure that they do not lose interest.
  4. Quickly Instill a Sense of Trust If a customer trusts a brand, they will be more likely to buy from them. The same principle is true for videos: the more that they believe, the longer they will watch. Make sure that the videos quickly gain the trust of viewers.
  5. Send Personalized Videos to Prospects If a company is nurturing a set of leads, they should send them a personalized video. This will make them feel cared for, and, as such, they will be more likely to buy from the company.
  6. Leverage Video Viewership Knowledge with Marketing Automation We are currently in a world where there is an unprecedented amount of data. However, this data has no value unless one can draw actionable insights from it. YouTube channel(s) generate a fortune of data, so it is advisable to use them to bring ideas from, to be able to make digital marketing more effective.
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Video, a Powerful Digital Marketing Tool

Whether one is streaming videos to an audience of 10 or 10 million, one must deliver videos that are polished and high-quality. This does not call for expensive equipment – a good quality smartphone can work well. No matter how big or small the audience is, one will want to continue to grow the said audience. If you need help with your video promotion, there are ample video promotion companies offering video promotion services available in the market as well. With this article, we have aimed to present some key concepts for successful live streaming, and using YouTube for video promotion, in order that this service becomes an efficient promotional tool for any business. 

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