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Case Study

Culinary Video Editing for Popular French Club of Chefs

Cookery Video Editing Showcasing Innovative Recipes by French Culinary Talents

Our Client – A Group of Culinary Talents

The client is a French company with a talented network of cooks innovating and experimenting with new ingredients and recipes. With a passion for cooking, they bring diversity and uniqueness to every new or inspired recipe they create. Making use of new technology, new techniques, and a foodie mindset, over the years, they have grown stronger and have established themselves as one of the specialist brands. Inspiring the new generation towards the art of cooking, the client now has a presence in many major cities across the world.

The Requirement for Culinary Video Editing

The client learned about Video Caddy (VCD) from the web and sent an inquiry. After the initial discussion with the VCD video editing team, the client signed the project because of our years of experience in 360-degree video post-production, including - audio editing, storyboarding , and animation, apart from video editing.
Their requirement was for the editing of cookery videos. They had different types of videos on ingredients and recipes under several interesting categories – Kids, Light and Fun, Original, Cocktails, etc. The client wanted our editing team to put together small videos and made complete videos with captions specific to different languages.

Project Challenge Was to Handle the Volume

With an in-house team of video editors and animators, VCD didn’t have any challenge in handling the video editing part. However, as the client requested editing of around 400 video files every month, initially, the challenge was to deliver them by meeting the required parameters. Our team formed a team of experienced video editors to handle this challenge and deliver all the files well within the agreed timeline.

Culinary Video Editing Process Followed by Our Team

To meet the delivery timeline and adhere to the quality checklists suggested by the client, the following process was followed by our video editing team:
The client personally praised VCD’s team for the beautiful final result and was impressed at the speed of delivery and commitment to staying within the confines of the client’s budget.
The color and exposure were adjusted, and subtitles were added appropriately.
The language voiceovers were also added to the video files.
After the rendering in the required resolution, the final files were sent to the client for review.
Any change requests which were very few were adjusted and sent to the client.

Takeaways – Successfully Running On-going Project

The client was happy with the quality of the deliverables. The client appreciated Video Caddy’s efforts to minimize the efforts at the client's end so that they can publish the files without the smallest of the activities. Overall, VCD got to work on a high-value on-going project, and the client also received the deliverables as per the agreed timelines.
If you have a similar video editing or post-production requirement, contact Video Caddy.

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