Video Caddy Helped Dutch Firm in 2D Animation Project
Case Study

Creative Marketing and Branding Solutions Company in the Netherlands Outsourced with Video Caddy and Increased their Internal Profits

Client Profile

The client is a creative marketing and branding solutions provider based out of the Netherlands, who is in the initial stages of their conception. An emerging start-up company, they cater to other businesses that are in need of a fresh take on marketing and branding solutions. One of their valued clientele had a product that required explanation, and the client wanted to highlight its attributes through a 2D animation.

Client Requirements

Having only the core content to create an infographic and a script featuring how the product worked, the client wanted to team up with a reliable outsourcing partner who could handle the animation and storyboarding portions. Having learned of Video Caddy's reputation as an affordable expert in animation, the client approached Video Caddy (VCD) with this important project. Being satisfied with the fast and transparent communication with the customer support team, the client decided to outsource the project to VCD.

Following are the foremost reasons for which the client wanted to partner with Video Caddy:
Ability to complete the animation project in a short time frame.
Ability to deliver a professional 2D animated video that would accurately explain the product details in an easy to understand manner.
Affordable service options those were scalable according to the client's animation length, project specifications, and the existing resources.
Prior knowledge and expertise in animation and storyboarding, with skills in diverse animation styles.

Challenges Faced by Video Caddy

The VCD animation team dealt with several problems over the course of this project, including the short deadline and unavailability of the supporting materials in the first place. Following are the brief overview of the challenges that had to be overcome:
The VCD team had a very short final deadline to manage, but given the complexity of the product details, could not compromise on any aspect of the project to make room for time adjustments.
The client had a very particular vision for the animation design that the VCD team had to fulfill in order to ensure quality expectations.
The extensive nature of the project and the short timeframe was the hurdle that had to be effectively overcome, keeping all the project requirements in scope.

Solutions Provided by Video Caddy

To ensure that all the requirements and the deadline are met, VCD offered the following solutions:
After the initial project brief and assessment of the project's parameters, Video Caddy assigned one full-time animator to work exclusively on this project with the client.
Following this, the VCD animator created a storyboard design to help determine the flow of the animation and product description.
The storyboard was then sent to the client for evaluation and feedback.
After the client had approved the direction of the storyboard, VCD began to create an infographic video that precisely aligned with the product's descriptions as per the client's specifications and script.
Within ten days, the 2D animated video had been completed and was delivered to the client for final review and acceptance.

The Results

Video Caddy strove to meet the client's project expectations, and was pleased to deliver the following positive outcomes to the client:
The client gave excellent feedback and was pleased that their video was completed well within the short deadline.
The animated video illustrated the product details effectively, and the client was able to use that success to expand their business and gain substantial financial growth.
Being satisfied with the quality of the work, customer service, and competitive pricing, the client requested VCD to take up a series of ten videos per week as part of an ongoing animation project.
Video Caddy secured a lasting business relationship with a new client.
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