Video Caddy Created Artistic Storyboard for French Company
Case Study

French Translation Company Outsourced with Video Caddy and Received an Artistic Interpretation of Their Original Script

Client Profile

The client is a French Translation Company with a specialization in interpretation, localization, internationalization, and voiceover. They pride themselves on offering human translators for all projects and provide certified linguists to their clientele base. Having a keen interest in their country's historical and cultural presence, they wanted to create an animation that would bring France's culture to life.

Client Requirements

With an interesting concept for a storyboard and animation, backed by an original creative script they developed, the client approached Video Caddy in the hopes of achieving their vision. They wanted to team up with an outsourcing firm who could tastefully transform their script into an artistic expression, utilizing innovative character design and animation. After communication with both the Sales Team and the Operations Data Management team, the client decided to partner with Video Caddy due to the following qualities:
Possess the required experience level to execute a project with nuance and appropriate aesthetic details, while correctly visualizing the script.
Experience working on scripts rendered in the French language, and knowledge of French culture to ensure the storyboard and animation were authentic.
Ability to render the storyboard and animation in a way that respectfully highlighted the French culture.
Ability to complete the project within the timeframe requested by the client, and with attention to high-quality benchmarks.

Challenges Faced by Video Caddy

While working on this storyboard and animation project, the Video Caddy team had to overcome the following challenges:
The client had a very short project deadline that proved to be particularly taxing due to the subtle, complex nature of the specific requirements, which was extremely time-consuming to work on.
The team had to begin the project with a thorough understanding of the client's script for proper storyboard development and follow initial with client approval iterations.
Creating an accurate storyboard from an incredibly detailed input script was another challenge.
Designing unique, innovative characters with identifiable facial expressions while still being a suitable fit for the script.

Solutions Provided by Video Caddy

To ensure all project specifications could be completed to the client's approval, and stay within the requested timeframe, the team at Video Caddy took the following measures:
Video Caddy assigned specialized resources to work exclusively on this project.
All tasks were intelligently planned and coordinated to run in parallel, such as conceptualization of the client's script, character design, frame-wise design, QC, storyboard detailing, and animation.
The team collaborated during brainstorming sessions to help develop the characters in a unique, realistic manner and verify that no details were left out during the character development process.
The design team consulted other senior managers within the extended Video Caddy team to get a fresh perspective on the project and benefit from the additional input and opinions.
The entire endeavor was completed on time within two weeks.

Exceptional Steps Taken by the Video Caddy Team

The Senior Management within the assigned team applied prior experience towards developing a project calendar of milestones to complete the task on time by streamlining the delivery process. Additionally, the team took a delicate approach to storyboard design that would encapsulate the realistic feel of the characters and solidify a French style.

Software used during the project

Flash and Illustrator

The Results

Video Caddy was able to complete the project to the client's specifications. The highlights and results of the project are as follows:
The client received an exact depiction of their original creative script, as well as supplemental suggestions regarding the further development of the script from Video Caddy's design team.
The client appreciated all of the extra refinements and detailing that the team applied to the characters to make them really memorable.
Video Caddy received enthusiastic appreciation and praise from the client. Video Caddy upper management liked the idea of performing an unbiased quality review by non-participant members of the in-house team. Thus, this action was incorporated into the quality check process for future projects.
Video Caddy was able to secure a long-term business relationship with a lucrative new client.

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