100 Hours of Rotoscoping in 12-hour Turnaround for an American Entertainment Company

The Client- Leading Global Entertainment Company

The client is a US-based premier global entertainment, sports, and news company that creates premium content and employs some of the most valuable media brands worldwide.
The client company operates over 180 channels showcasing 47 brands in 34 languages in over 2002 countries across Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, East Africa, and the Asia Pacific.
Recently, the client company merged with a major media company, growing its reach and impact.

Requirement for Post-Production Support

The client had 2D Cartoon video clips from their clientele and required rotoscoping support to obtain Silhouette outputs in MOV format.

The client needed an outsourcing partner with experience in rotoscoping and video editing using Silhouette software to provide a large volume of video edits based on set guidelines within a short timeline.

The Project Execution

Video Caddy adopted a stepwise approach to ensure smooth project execution and adherence to the timelines:
Received input from the client in the form of video clips and rotoscoping guidelines
Assigned two dedicated video editing professionals with rotoscoping experience
Internal knowledge sharing sessions conducted to understand video editing instructions.
The team worked on the 2D cartoon video clips frame-by-frame using Silhouette software.
Silhouette outputs in MOV format shared with the client
Once approved, the team worked to process video clips similarly, delivering more than ten videos monthly.

The Project Outcome

With Video Caddy’s rotoscoping support, the client received high-quality Silhouette outputs without hiring resources in-house or investing in new infrastructure.
This project helped the Video Caddy team gain additional rotoscoping experience adding to their video editing expertise.
Equipped with a team of experienced video editing professionals, Video Caddy provides specialized rotoscoping support to help clients acquire the best quality video edits with a quick turnaround of as few as 12 hours.
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