Case Study on YouTube Video Editing For French Culinary Video Creators
Case Study

Case Study on YouTube Video Editing For French Culinary Video Creators

The Client- French Culinary Video Production Company

The client is a culinary video production company based in France that runs a cooking channel in seven different languages and has more than 70 million followers.
Starting as a family business run by three brothers, this French culinary video company now has a strong presence on top social media platforms and has grown into an established brand that creates cooking videos to deliver extraordinary recipes from ordinary ingredients.

The Requirement- Postproduction Support with Volume edits for YouTube Channel

The client had raw footage, language-specific animation assets, and translated videos for which they needed 200-250 video edits per month, created in different languages and optimized according to the current social media trends.

The client needed an outsourcing partner to handle their culinary video post-production. A partner who can edit and deliver a large volume of edited videos to meet their publishing demands.

The Multiple Challenges Encountered Successfully

Owing to our experience and success rates in handling similar projects, the client chose Video Caddy (VCD) as their video editing outsourcing partner.

Our team encountered a few challenges during the execution phase:
Matching the right animation assets to their respective translated videos
Making quick cuts/transitions in sync with the soundtrack
Understanding the output style to keep the content relevant to social media trends

The Project Execution

To ensure adherence to the timeline and quality checks implied by the client, the project execution involved the following steps:
Received input from the client in the form of raw footage, assets, and translated videos
The project was assigned to a team of three dedicated video editing professionals
The team reviewed the reference videos to understand output quality and expected edit style
Conducted multiple knowledge-sharing sessions with the client’s team to get well-versed with the workflow for editing each video.
Once the client approved the quality of the video outputs, the team started working consistently to meet the project’s daily productivity requirements.

The Result- A Happy Client

The client achieved team scalability for YouTube video editing to match their daily publishing volume without having to employ resources or invest in infrastructure.
Impressed by Video Caddy’s services, the client upgraded their engagement model to a long-term association with dedicated resources working continuously on their project.
Video Caddy has dedicated teams of experienced video editors that handle large volumes of video editing cost-efficiently, making it an optimal solution for YouTubers to enhance their presence.
Have a video editing project for us? Reach us to get the best video editing services at competitive prices!

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