Case Study

Video & Audio Editing Case Study

The Client

The client is a publishing and information products delivery company that has worked closely with digital media to provide tools and data to researchers, travelers, educators, logistics teams and trade professionals for nearly 20 years.

Since its founding, the company has expanded to work with libraries, businesses and other organizations in a variety of industries. The goal of the company was improve the audio and video editing capabilities of its team without impacting budget or quality.

Situation – Business Need

The Company needed a partner who could match their video and audio production and distribution needs while maintaining high levels of quality, guaranteeing turnaround time and keeping costs down. The size of the videos, turnaround time for a project of this scope and the volume of needed audio and video presented a problem for other options, which is why the Company came to Video Caddy with their needs.


Challenges faced during the course of this project included:

  • Video files has to be moved to external hard drives regular for backups
  • Raw files were provided and needed to be edited and presented in a final, usable format
  • Both raw and completed files needed to be backed up and transferred between client and Video Caddy
  • Total of 6 TB HDD was required for completion of the project
  • Quality output was guaranteed at 99% for the duration of the project
  • We provided round-the-clock coverage for all project details until delivery
  • Only the latest, licensed version of software was used for completion of the project

The Video Caddy Solution

To meet the needs of the company and ensure exceptional quality, we did the following:

  • Proper resources were allocated to meet size and speed of project
  • Full analysis of the raw files was performed to ensure we understood editing needs
  • Video editing professionals with the matching skills were assigned accordingly
  • A 99% quality guarantee was given for the project
  • A supervisor oversaw the entire project from start to finish
  • Latest software and infrastructure tools were used throughout the project
  • Data security was maintained by:
    • Use of Secure VPN - IPSec/PPTP
    • Anti-Spyware and Spam Filter used at Gateway level
    • McAfee Enterprise Suite used for virus detection and repair
    • Utilization of URL filtering
    • Internet access restricted with domain authentication technology
    • Dedicated bandwidth allocated for editing team
    • High end workstations allocated for the project completion
    • Use of a centralized server storage system with external HDD backups


With the above resources at their disposal, the client was able to leverage cost and result for
the following:

  • Use of Secure VPN - IPSec/PPTP
  • Anti-Spyware and Spam Filter used at Gateway level
  • McAfee Enterprise Suite used for virus detection and repair
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